Finally I have some motivation.

I think my design block was mainly because of not having Holdfire completed and now that it’s all done, I feel refreshed. So I’m starting a new theme for my website. I think I might even just set it up so that it can be downloaded by others to go ahead and use. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for awhile, so hey, why not? Now that I’ve got the other site out of the way, i can stress over this.

Still waiting back on Barnes and Noble. I’ve got a 2nd interview this Thursday with Cingular, but I received an automated e-mail yesterday that I need to have clarified so tomorrow I have to give them a call.

Saw Ghost Rider on Friday with Mark. That’s pretty much the extent of my weekend. I know, exciting.

I am also thinking about going to the 133rd Kentucky Derby in May, though I think I’d go at the end of April so I can catch Thunder over Louisville, the fireworks display which starts opening week. Though I know that homes and hotels are already booked, and I doubt any of my friends down there would let me crash at their pad (especially if I bring along people.) So I’m contemplating a few ideas right now, and that’s taking my parent’s RV down there and partying the fuck up. Of course we would have to find a campground, but it’s not that hard, it’s fucking Louisville, KY!

And holy crap, I was not expecting the KD website to look like that. I love it.


  1. The Kentucky Derby is the highlight of my Mom’s boyfriend’s life. I don’t know why.

    I need to get a job. I was thinking about applying at the video store. Working at Barnes and Noble would be a dream of mine. But we don’t have one near.

  2. Good thing you’re having some motivation. 🙂 I can’t make a new layout too for my site. T_T

    From Rouged. 🙂

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