Follow up on Comcast’s Netgear CG814WG

On Tuesday I went on over to Tiger Direct and picked up the D-Link DMC-202 cable modem. It was $49.99 with a $20 MIR so I really couldn’t go wrong with that. I got home after work and decided to go right ahead in replacing the Netgear CG814WG with the D-Link. I had no problems getting it hooked up along with the router. After releasing and renewing the DHCP tables on the Linksys WRT54G, I was able to pick up my new IP address and the DNS information.

Unfortunately when I accessed the internet, every website would be forwarded to a Comcast page for new/current customers to download software to begin the installation process. Alright fine, so I downloaded some bloatware, went through the steps only to be notified that my account needed to be updated first in order to continue. So I called in to reference the bill. The current balance due was $4.12 (most likely from a movie I had ordered on demand.) Ridiculous. So I called in tech support instead, and found out that Comcast AT FIRST will tell you that you cannot use your own equipment. Once I mentioned what THEIR product was doing, she continued to the next step.

The major downfall with Comcast is that when you want to use your own equipment, you have to register the MAC ID with support, and then they will add that. You also have to make sure that they remove the internet block that’s in place from changing out the cable modem. Needless to say, I spent two hours on the phone with tech support only to find out from the second rep, that there was “some error” occurring which means that my internet would be done for “about 24 hours.” Ridiculous!

I was getting quite pissed off at that point, and you could tell how annoyed I was, so she put me on hold for the supervisor. At that point I decided to call my friend JP because I had already been on hold for about 15 minutes. We were talking for about five minutes when the supervisor came on the line, asked me my name, to which I gave it to her… Next thing I know the line is disconnected. It was already really late, so I decided to wait until the next day to resolve the issue.

Ended up getting a really sweet girl on the phone Wednesday, who ended up getting the MAC ID registered, turned off the internet block, and got me going in about 45 minutes or so.

I have had about 29 hours of uptime thus far with the new equipment. Versus a paltry 1-2 hours from the Netgear. I’ve been back on Halo 3 with no problems whatsoever and have finally ranked back up to a Sergeant, Grade 3. If I hadn’t lost 11EXP from my connection, I’d be a Gunnery Sergeant. 🙁 Oh well!

I’ve been meeting some awesome people on xbox live. Been sticking with the same few guys when I go on there to play. Last night I ended up playing with two different teams for at least 10 games a piece. Probably more since I ranked up a lot last night. Regardless, Halo 3 is on my mind too much. It’s kind of ridiculous.

Saturday my friend JP is coming over and we’re going to have some Halo 3 drinking games. At least that’s what I think is going to be going down, but I haven’t finalized anything. All I know is that my room is a fucking mess, and it needs to be picked up, stat.


  1. Oh my god.. Comcast did the same shit to me. I really hate them, and wish time warner was still around here. It’s annoying. I couldn’t visit ANY webpages until I downloaded their crap, which I didn’t want anyways. 🙁

  2. i’ve read your whole post, sadly, i cannot understand it. i do not know comcast since there is no comcast service here and i am very much glad about that since i do not want to pay how much for just web browsing 😀

  3. Ugh, that sounds terrible. I hate having to go through tech support for things like these because they treat you like an idiot and ask me to switch my router on/off like, fifteen times in a row.

  4. I have Comcast for TV and it sucks; channels die, when it rains it fritzes out and some channels don’t come in clear. But a couple of years ago our internet was on the fritz and I called the company and they said “Oh, that model of modem? We haven’t used that for a year.” XD I think most business’s model of customer service had evolved to: We have a ton of customers, so if a couple decide to get pissed off and leave, let them.

  5. yeah i have your exact same problem. I play halo and it disconnects, causing me to lose levels as well. I hate comcast, they suck ass

  6. THANK YOU finally someone who has the same damn problem as me! i hate this netgear shit comcast gave my family when we switched from veriozon! n when u mentioned ur halo issue it just put the icing on the cake! i have lost like 6 exp points TODAY on this crap. i have just have one question, if i do buy this d link item do i need 2 plug it into a linksys router? that should be fine cus i no i still have my old one but i thought id ask u instead of some confusing ass best buy employee. and, if i do indeed need to plug this into linksys will i also be able to plug my xbox live cord into it as wel? actually, ok i have another quick question, sorry. is there anything i need to do in order for the new router to work because idk how much my dad will let me mess around with the internet shit unless i no i am right so i am askin the expert.
    thanks a lot dude

  7. I have worked at Comcast as a Tech using both the SMC8014 and Netgear 814WG routers. I now live where there is only Time Warner and I have gotten issued their Netgear 814wg router. My brother is a Time Warner Tech so I have a little clout when getting some help. BUT, I have been experiencing the same issues playing Halo 3. I’ve lost SO much EXP !!! I’m trying to save a little $$ and see if I can figure out how, as a customer, to open the NAT on my Netgear. Everywere I turn, I’m told not to bother. I’m stubborn, I guess. I used to configure the SMC8014 at Comcast so I am familiar with it’s setup. I really liked that “gateway” (router/modem combo).
    I feel your pain!!! If I get this figured out (SERIOUSLY DOUBT IT) I will re-post with a possible solution, other than purchasing new equipment.
    BTW, most every cable company has a list of “allowed” customer equipment. They just want you to rent theirs instead. If you have a device that is “compatable” with their system (normally that means it must be DOCSIS 2.0 compliant), then you just call Tech Support to have the MAC address listed / active on your account. Without that step, their network usually won’t recognize the device and allow it to pass any traffic.
    Good luck and GAME ON!!

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