Get paid to review my post, and join in on the fun.

I know you’ve seen my comments on various websites about how I felt about Payperpost, but I’ve felt like earning a few bucks, as well as getting up to 10 posts so I can add a second blog of mine. So anyway, I’ve been out of the loop lately, and just found out that people can get paid for reviewing posts of mine. I thought that was pretty amazing, considering it’s something easy and simple that doesn’t require much effort to be honest.

The new program of theirs is called “Review My Post,” which allows new members to sign up under a referral, and their first opportunity with PPP would/could be to review their referral’s posts. The new member is then paid (after their post is approved and meet requirements) for their review, and their referrer gets paid for that new member. Seems simple enough, doesn’t it? It’s a perfect blog marketing tool that will help increase traffic to websites, as well as earning money for you.

Who wouldn’t want to simply review their favorite blogger’s post, get paid for it, and earn money for that blogger too? I think it’s possibly the easiest win/win situation anyone could ever get involved in. After that you’ll be able to take up other opportunities that are offered through payperpost. You have the choice to review whatever you want, so if something doesn’t interest you, you don’t have to even consider it.

Another advantage to those that are interested, is that you can finally ditch using adsense programs that take much longer for you to earn money. Payperpost will pay you thirty days after your entry; So if you started posting every day for payperpost, eventually you’ll be getting paid every single day, for your posts. How awesome is that? Now, go, review!


  1. Yeah, I wanted to add a different blog of mine, but since I only had four posts up, I need to add six more in order to get that opportunity.. Thus posting this!

    I was considering a few exclusion options (like removing it from my feed or the main site) but I just opted for the main feed. Apparently it’s not working, so it showed regardless, but.. oh well!

  2. Hmm, I’ve been looking at PPP but have had some doubts just because I don’t really want to drive my current visitors away, as some really oppose to paid posting. So I’m not sure yet…I would LOVE to earn money though…

    But so you can add a different blog too? Like…I would love to do the paid post thing on separate blog, away from my main one, not sure if that defeats the purpose. And I wasn’t sure if that “broke” the rules, since your blog has to be at least 90 days old and have at least 20 entries.

    If I could do it on another blog then hallelujah! How is it going to work for you, meaning how are you going to be able to get a 2nd blog?

    Oh and I was wondering where your fanlistings are listed? I would love to approve you for the listing, but I need to find your code first! 😀

    Great site by the way, I love the design and the color scheme!

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