Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


All I can say is that this movie kicked ass. The 3D bit was pretty fucking awesome too.

I am just still annoyed at the few inconsistencies between the book and movie. I realize that a lot will get taken out, but the fact that they used Cho as the reason Umbridge found out about Dumbledore’s Army pissed me off. I also was rather pissed off that they didn’t have the fountain in the Ministry of Magic help between the fight with Voldemort, Harry Potter, and Dumbledore. With all of the shots that included it, I figured they would definitely include that with the fight scene. Apparently I was wrong.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed this movie. Except for Mark ruining the fight scene by saying “He’s so close I could kiss him!” and making me laugh my ass off.


  1. I’m almost always disappointed with how books are portrayed as movies. I know they have to leave out some things, but… eh. It’s frustrating when you know how much better the book is. I’m not into Harry Potter, though.

  2. Gah I am jealous! I wasn’t able to see the midnight showing this year since my friend wouldn’t be in town and we wanted to see if with each other 🙂 Going sometime next week though, and seeing it in imax that should be nice.

    Doesn’t shock me much with the differences, only pisses me off when they take MAJOR things T_T

  3. hmm i actually thought it was going to be wayyy better. i was disappointed… i was getting sleepy while watching, but i do have to agree that the graphics were good!

  4. I haven’t read any of the books *shame* but I think all the movies have been very entertaining and I am looking forward to this one too.

  5. I personally am not a fan of Harry Potter but I can understand how it bothers you between the book/movie difference. I felt that way with Transformers since there were a lot of little things that did not fit with the original comic books or cartoons. All in all, it was still a great movie though.

  6. So it’s really good you say? Hm. I want to see it but I’m not sure if I should spend my money on the cinema or if I should wait and download it 😉

  7. Argh, I’d forgotten about how the statue helped. That would’ve been a cool scene and it’s not like it would’ve taken much time. They spent a while on the Voldy/Dumbly fight scene anyway, I thought, probably to show off their madd special effects skylz, so why not toss in some canon?

    That bugged me, too, about Cho.

  8. i’m off to see it today… so excited!! but yeah… that’s what i’ve heard. it’s really good but badly kept when it comes to the books. HOW CAN THEY MAKE CHO BE THE REASON???? that’s so fucked up!! and i heard there’s not a lot of fighting and also… no boggart at the beginning where mrs. weasley cries about the death of her family… AND THERE’S NO FIGHT WITH DUMBLERDOOOOORE either, you know where Harry gets all angry…? I WAS SO LOOKING FORWARD to that. :/

  9. I never really got into Harry Potter. The films were okay I suppose, but still, never really got into it. Much prefer LotR 😛 Glad you enjoyed it, though!

  10. I’m seeing it Monday! I can’t wait, I love Harry Potter. I was mad about the 4th movie since they cut out the part where the Weasley kids (and Arthur) pick Harry up at his house. I laughed hysterically at that part of the book.

  11. I saw it last night and I loved it, except I got a bit confused when Bellatrix used Avada Kedavra on Sirius since in the book I clearly remember a flash of red was stated but there you go… lol.

  12. LOL I can’t help but laugh over the differences between our posts. Yours are full of praises, mine’s a sh*tload of compaints. Haha. Oh, and don’t read it, you might get angry with me for my opinion Haha!

  13. I just saw the movie last night. Although I’ve forgotten most of the scenes from the book (which I read 2 years ago), I’m glad it wasn’t boring like what one of my workmates said. I loved Dolores Umbridge the most. 😀

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