Holdfire is lookin’ good.

Much intense attention to finishing and getting up the new design for Holdfire Network has surely paid off. I spent almost all of today fixing up last minute items with the website, testing it out to make sure it works, and then of course uploading it and setting it up for actual production. I had a few issues with .htaccess (namely 301 Redirects) and ended up changing the scheme so I’ll end up losing some PR for the pages, but quite frankly, PR isn’t going to do much with the site when it’s not like I’m doing this for SEO or advertisements based off of PR.

Anyway, feel free to check out the design and let me know what you think. Right now there ARE a few issues I have to resolve (when you’re viewing the dropdown menu, the bottom border does not go across 100%; dropdown menu doesn’t work in IE6, and the dropdown is off by some pixels in IE7) but if you do spot any errors whether it’s XHTML that I borked, spelling, grammar, broken links, or just something I should change… TELL ME!

I also finally added the affiliates program to the site as well. Each sale earns an affiliate 25% commission, and payment is through PayPal when their balance hits $25. I’m seriously excited for the new additions and the design. I truly hope that this will help to encourage new clients, because honestly, this is something I love doing and I really want this to get bigger.

Holdfire Billing is the only thing slightly out of whack at the moment. WHMCS is based entirely off of tables, so I’ve been trying to do some quick XHTML/CSS integration with it, and there are some things that are screwed up. Which explains why I’m still up at 3:30AM. I just want to get a few more things done, and then I am just going to pass out and sleep late.


  1. I think it looks great. All going well, I should be ordering my hosting at Holdfire next week. You’re crazy for staying up until 3.30am though, I must say. 😛

  2. I ordered. At 5:00AM. It was fun. Thank God I stumbled upon your site again or I probably wouldn’t have remembered and went with some crappy other company. How ironic you’re blogging about it too–very nice design, btw.

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