I hate bugs.

Monday night was a bit of nightmare. When I was nearing to go to sleep, around my bed were some flying ants. Now, I’m not normally bothered by ants, but when you add in wings to them, I don’t enjoy it much at all. So instead of trying to kill those I saw coming into my room, I decided to pack up and slept in the living room claiming that my room was too hot to sleep in.

When I woke up around 6:30am on Tuesday, I came into my room to a swarm of these nasty fuckers on the back windowsill. So I immediately went and got a vacuum to suck them into oblivion. But then I noticed something else from the corner of my eye. The westward window by my computer desk, had a black corner to it that was moving. Funny considering that the windowsill is actually white, and we all know that this shit ain’t supposed to be moving.

More ants. Little ants. I start to feel like my body is being engulfed by these buggers, and I get the itchies all over my body. So I start to vacuum those up, but then my left foot feels like it’s on fire. So I look down only to see it’s an ant crawling on me.

So now only did I have to deal with flying ants, but fire ants as well. According to wikipedia, it seems as if though my fast acting (flailing my foot about to get it off) saved my from having it inject it’s venom into my skin.

Fast forward a few hours later and they’re still gone. So like the amazing girlfriend that I am, I went over to Mark’s house to just hang out with him and bring him his birthday present, albeit two days early. I gave him an Onyx Nintendo DS Lite with Big Brain Academy and Yoshi’s Island which I had secretly bought because I thought it looked cute (and because I wanted to play it.) But I think he’s going to exchange the last game to get the New Super Mario Brothers, but if he knows what’s best for him he’ll pick up Cooking Mama!

Today is going to be another busy day. I’ve got a few hours of work, then I have class tonight but I’m thinking of not going. I have a lot to do for Mark’s birthday tomorrow (actually, nah, I just have four chapters of assignments along with 4 50Q quizzes ;)). Mark is a butthead and guessed the DS, and already asked if what I had to do today was make a cake (and “it better be good.”) I’m going to hit him in the head.

Off to make some breakfast, vacuum up more dead ants and then try to do some fast cleaning in my room so that we can spray more ant killer crap.


  1. I’m the biggest baby when it comes to bugs. I’ve been known to wake up my poor dad from a sound sleep just to kill a spider for me. Thankfully, he doesn’t mind. Sometimes he even makes sound effects as he’s killing ’em. Now I just have to get my boyfriend to be more cooperative.

  2. I hate ants. Last year our windows were covered in black ants. We poisoned them the best we could – still it was utterly disgusting to look at them everywhere. This year we have bought some bigger guns – should they return!

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