I have to make up for two years worth of Mother’s Days.

I admit that I have my flaws when it comes to being a daughter, though I think what stands out the most in my flaws has been my failure to call my mom last year for Mother’s Day. Last year was pretty rough for me. I was working nearly every day, and as many hours as I could possibly have. The person I was living with was a bit of a nightmare as we were no longer getting along and it was horribly tense.

Fast forward past my horrible birthday, I remember looking at the ad for work (Best Buy) and reading the words “Mother’s Day.” Oh crap. This was already after Mother’s Day had passed and I knew I was going to be in for it. So after I got out of work that day I called my mom and as soon as she answered I said “Happy Mother’s Day!” her response? “Who is this?” The sad part is that she was being serious. Living in Louisville gave me a bit of a southern drawl so apparently my voice wasn’t distinguishable and apparently it had been that long since I last talked to her. She was pretty upset over the fact that I didn’t call her on mother’s day.

So this year I definitely plan to make up for it. In the past I’ve just gone into a grocery store and bought a bouquet of flowers, but I think this year I’m going to order a flower delivery from Proflowers.com. I may be cheap and lazy but looking through the assortment they have up for mother’s day, I really love their 24 Assorted Roses. They look gorgeous. And for two dozen roses, it’s not that expensive, considering this particular order would only run me $39.99 (regularly $54.99) and with a ZOMG free green vase! The delivery cost is only going to run my $9.99, and I’m going to have it shipped to her at work.

I mean, what’s better then receiving the roses at work where other’s can be jealous and wish that their husband/child(ren)/family sent them something equally gorgeous. That and because she doesn’t ever get home from work until after 7pm. If they delivered to the house either myself or my sisters would end up getting them, and then having to wait for my mom to get home. What would be the point of having ’em delivered if she doesn’t get them herself? Exactly! Oh yeah, during checkout, a noticed that they’re using a little lock from Famfamfam‘s icon set. I bet that guy is wishing that he charged people $2 to download the whole set. He’d be pretty rich even charging just $2.


  1. That’s really nice of you. 🙂 We normally don’t do much for my Mom on Mother’s Day. She doesn’t really care, but this year I plan on making a calendar with pictures of our family from this past year and last for like every month. 😛 Hopefully she’ll like it haha… Hope your Mom likes the roses! They look incredible, and sending it to work is a good idea. 😛

  2. It’s so nice of you to send her flowers at work. 🙂 I sent my mother a card this year and called her. I think she’ll realize she’s lucky to have a daughter like you that day 😀

    And yeah, I see Famfamfam’s icons everywhere these days. They spread like wildfire!

  3. [quote comment=”11284″]Those flowers are very pretty :)[/quote]

    I completely agree with you! Wow, your mom will LOVE them. I know I would, and I’m a guy. 😛

  4. Hahah goodluck making it up to your mom! My mom doesn’t really mind mother’s day… I gave her stuff on her mother’s day and sometimes I didn’t, she really doesn’t mind as long as I don’t forget her birthday and just be a nice daughter all year long 😛 Hahha~ anyway goodluck & take care ~

  5. That’s funny because my mother is sort of apathetic to the whole idea of Mother’s day, yet I always try to spoil her anyway. lol Maybe we should trade mothers for that day.

  6. Sounds like a good way to make up for last year. I know you can’t help feeling horrible for not calling your mother but just remember that a lot of people forget about Mother’s Day and Father’s day as well.

    Anyway, I would definitely be jealous if I saw someone recieve roses from a loved one at work! Good idea. =)

  7. Those are pretty flowers. 🙂

    I never know what to get my mom or what to do for her. I have a fear that maybe she’s picked up my grandmothers habit of giving away gifts she says she likes, but doesn’t really. Makes me a sad panda. I think I’ll just be takin her out to dinners and such.

    I hope you and your mom have a nice holiday. 🙂

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