I haven’t forgotten about my little hole on the ‘net.

I’ve finally been working on a new layout to put up here. Now before you think that I’ve gone designer and actually did something on my own, you’re crazy. I ended up porting over a design from another website, to work with WordPress. But it’s given me a chance to play around with it, and it’ll contain a lot of features and functions that I’ve been needing to have for awhile. Eventually once I learn a bit more about various functions and elements, I’ll go ahead and release it as a public theme. For now it’ll just be my little play thing.

Ended up registering for a class to take over the summer. It’s just a CIS (Computer Information Systems) class that’ll be on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5-9:55pm, that starts on May 15th. I’m going to see what other classes are available to take over the summer, since most of them have about 2-3 spots left before their filled up.

I wish I had grenades. One of the neighbors has their music up so loud that I can feel that bass from it. It’s starting to annoy the crap out of me because it’s an odd sound compared to the other noises around here. I should go knock out their power.

edit: I ended up going outside on the deck to see if I could hear exactly where it was coming from and it ended up being a band that was practicing (very poorly if you ask me) a few houses behind us.

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  1. Hahar. It’s pretty uncommon to hear bands practising around here. Probably ’cause I live in those apartments kind of thing.. Hee.

    Aww, why don’t you create something?? I’d love to see your creations.. =]

    Oh. And 15th May! My b’day..! *hints, hints* Good you’re taking up courses. I’d probably due that too..

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