I promise I won’t let it die

It’s been awhile since I’ve actually put any effort into maintaining this website. Essentially I’ve abandoned it, but as of late I’ve been trying to spark my interest into wanting to have it active and full of life. I’ve been working on a new design on and off again for the past few days, so hopefully I can muster up the will to get it finished.

I’ve also finally decided to bid adieu to countless WordPress plugins that I don’t use at all. I also really need to update the content here. There are some pages that are just useless and don’t need to be available, and some just need to be cleaned up because they featured broken content/links.

I should get paid for having a personal site.


  1. I do get paid for my site lol. It’s basically what keeps me going with it and then I decided I needed to put a little effort into it like I used to before getting paid. So I think I’m doing okay now.

    <3 Voni

  2. In all fairness, you really don’t get paid for your website. You POST sponsored posts on your site, which brings in money. So essentially, you’re being paid for posts you accept.

    Which is far from what I’m joking around about in this post here. But hey, whatever.

  3. I know what you mean, I basically had to redo my entire blog just to get back into maintaining a website. It’s hard to go back to something once you kind of lost interest, good to see you still making an effort to keep in the game.

    I never took off my useless plugins, I just disabled them and maybe one day I’ll find a use for them… somewhere.

  4. On my personal blog I have so many plugins that are uploaded but disactivated and I am too lazy to remove them. Take your time for the new design, I am looking forward to seeing it:-)

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