I really want the Blackberry Pearl.

blackberry_red.gif My boyfriend Mark has had his Blackberry Pearl (in black) since about September I think? I mean, hell, he was so excited to get it from T-Mobile that he stayed home from work to sign for the package. Since he’s had it I’ve also been able to play around with it, and needless to say I’ve been dying to get my hands on a Blackberry Pearl, more specifically the red one.

The one thing I’ve liked most about the Blackberry phones are that various features that most of them come with. With the Blackberry, it’s aesthetically pleasing. I love the size of them; They’re not too small and not too goudy. Granted, it’s a little more difficult when web browsing and instant messaging, but it’s not small enough where you have to have to phone 1″ from your face. I’ve been looking through

My favorite thing about smartphones though is basically the ability to browse the internet and have instant messaging capabilities, as well as an integrated e-mail client. The most useless feature that I know I couldn’t leave without are the games. I have this weird affinity for some of the games, and the fact that the 1.3 mp camera is actually, contrary to popular belief, worth using. Either way I’ve been looking at Blackberry phones at wirefly.com, in hopes of finding one for Cingular that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.