I should put together surprise birthday parties.

Mark’s 25th birthday will be coming up in 22 more days. That means that I need to get my plans rolling and get things together for my little surprise (I can tell you right now that despite my title, I’m not doing a surprise party ;)). He reads my blog so I can’t go into detail publicly but I will be writing a passworded entry for those of you that might be interested (and I hope some of you are, because I would really like some input on what I’ve gotten together thus far.) So if you’re interested, just leave a comment here, and I’ll e-mail you the password I’m going to use for that entry. I don’t want Mark’s stinky butt reading it at all–even though he keeps saying that he’s read my entire livejournal where I’ve already posted about it a couple times.

Either way the few people I’ve told so far have loved what I’ve come up with, and I’m excited. I’m really creative, and I love going all out (especially if it’s for someone that means a lot to me–aww mushy mushy!) even if it’s not for a birthday.

Yesterday was a nice day and night. Work was fairly decent, albeit not busy but I had enough work for me to were I wasn’t standing around diddling my thumbs and wanting to ram my head into the wall. Though I couldn’t stop counting down the minutes until I could leave, get home and wait for Mark’s cute butt (no seriously, he has a cute patootie.) Dinner at Rock Bottom was absolutely delicious. It better have been though–dinner for 5 people was $150 not including tip! I didn’t drink too much, but my first official LEGAL drink was a “Sexy Bex”: an Orange and Raspberry Martini that was stirred not shaken 😉

After that all of us went back to my house, where Mark and I set up my new monitor and fiddled around with it. It was unbearably hot and muggy in my room to the point where I was sweating my butt off. Did the typical birthday deal of blowing out candles on a cake and then opening up my cards from family. Then ended up watching the Cubs vs. Pirates baseball game that was on tv. Pretty shocking, especially considering that I’m a huge White Sox fan, but you know what I’m the mature White Sox fan that will watch a Cubs game if it’s on. Okay, that’s a complete and utter lie. I only watched the game because Mark wanted to watch it, so like an amazing girlfriend, I obliged and watched without complaining (that is until I started to fall asleep during the 13th or 14th inning.)

I suppose I should go get ready now; Making my first legal appearance at a bar! Oh noez!


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