I think I’m at the edge now

One of these days I’ll get back into the habit of updating my blog more than a few times every couple of weeks. I do have things to write about, but I just never get around to doing it. By the time I remember, I figure it’s not even worth writing about it anymore since time has passed.

I haven’t been up to much lately–just work, going to school, and my usual Thursday outings. This pas Thursday was definitely a doozy. I went there with $20 and managed to come home with $3. I think that only happened because I had Amy buy me a few drinks too. And we didn’t buy as much beer as we had before. This time I opted for Jager Bombs and Cherry Vodka Bombs. Needless to say that despite getting home at like 1am, I was ridiculously inebriated. I admit that a few months ago I complained about drinking and how I thought it was just unnecessary. Yes, I am a hypocrite. But whatever!

New layout is about 85% done. I ended up scrapping the original design I had (though I’m sure I’ll save it to replace the current one when the time is near.) It’s really cute. Nixed my original idea to use dark colors and when with some more bright, cheery colors. I also vowed not to use fluid width–it’s all fixed and is *not* for IE users [at the moment.]

I’m in class right now using an outdated version of Safari (for Mac) and it actually looks perfect. Now if only IE would stop being a dickhead and just display it how it really looks without some stupid hack.

Other than that, life is pretty basic as of late. Need to play major catch up with my Office 2007 class though. I missed a.. “few” assignments… I have a bunch due this week, and a test. I have a bunch of work to make up for my Int Tech class too, since I haven’t been able to get there.

Time to go back to slaving away with Illustrator.