I think the job-offer cupid took over.

Yesterday was an awesome day. Not so much because it was Valentine’s Day, and I have the cutest boyfriend ever, but because of two phone calls I got. I’ve been job hunting for awhile now, two months almost, and with no luck. I’ve had some possible call backs, but one of them isn’t really getting back to me (the dealership job) and I don’t have the time to really wait around for the possibility of working for them.

But the two calls today were for Cafe Manager at Barnes and Noble, and the other for Cingular Wireless. Either of these jobs I know I’ve got the knowledge and experience to be able to master them. It’s just a matter of seeing what kind of pay I can get, along with benefits. The B&N job is about an hour north of me. It was originally for a new store opening up about about 10-15 minutes from where Mark lives, but the Cafe Manager from the store I’ll be going into, is going to that store that opens in May. So I assume that if I do get a job offer, and I take it, I would be training/working with him (or her) until he/she leaves for the NSO.

With Cingular Wireless, it’s literally a five minute drive, about a mile south of me. You can see which I’d rather have to take. Not only will I save a lot of money gas, but I won’t have to stress out and leave here 1-2 hours before work starts just to make it on time.

At 2pm is my interview with B&N, and Friday at 2pm is my interview with Cingular.

So because I’ve got an hour drive ahead of me, I’m going to be leaving here around 12:50 to ensure that I have ten minutes to get lost and get found quickly. I guess I should get off my ass and get dressed. If the interview goes well, which I know it will, I’ll treat myself to Subway. Yeah, food, whatever.

Oh but how could I forgot talking about my boyfriend and last night? Since I’m completely jobless (eg: broke) we didn’t go out for Valentine’s Day, but I didn’t mind at all. He came over and gave me a red rose, Trinidads, the big Reese’s cups, ghirardelli chocolates, and Ice Age 2. Ate a filling dinner here, watched Ice Age 2, and just relaxed. I felt like a wiener because I had a card for him down in my room, but I didn’t even remember to give it to him until he was getting ready to leave. Whoops!

Alright, NOW it’s time to get ready.


  1. good luck with the interviews! I’ve been interviewing for stuff myself. All the HR people seem to love me, it’s my technical knowledge that they seem to have problems with…
    i saw ur post on ruby on rails. we’re gonna be learnin’ bouts that in my web apps class this semester. i never even heard of it before my professor mentioned it and urs is the second blog post i’ve seen since about it.

  2. Thanks for basically jumping at me just because youre a best buy employee. I stated that the woman was ill-trained, because that is the aura she gave off when speaking to me. She spoke as though she wasn’t 100% sure what the hell she was even talking about.

    I have a 3 year warranty, not a performance service plan. I explained this to the woman, and even after that she told me that she doesnt know what they can do for me. Tell me how that ISNT ill-trained?

    So, it seems a bit absurd for you to go ape shit for a comment that had nothing to do with you, considering you interpreted it wrong in the first place. thx. So in short, I do know what I am talking about.

    put A for you on being best buy’s #1 employee!

  3. You didn’t say that she was ill-trained because she gave off an aura. You said “According to the obviously-ill-trained staff at Best Buy, if my model is a certain kind of something (I don’t remember the goddam mumbo-jumbo the woman behind the counter used..) then I might not be able to upgrade.”

    Maybe next time you should explain better, so that people do not interpret it in a way you are not trying to portray.

    I didn’t go ape shit, I left a coherent comment that essentially disproved your little rant in regards to Best Buy.

    Oh by the way, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Best Buy does not sell warranties, they never have. A warranty is only from a manufacturer, and never from a retailer.

    Best Buy has only ever sold PSPs and PRPs.

    3 years – PSP
    2 years – PRP

    So if I’m an A employee for Best Buy, I surely know what I’m talking about, as opposed to you “knowing what you’re talking about.” It’s only common sense that someone who is aware of what their company is about, would know this.

    By the way, thanks for deleting my comment. Congratulations for the censorship. Would HATE to prove you wrong on your own blog.

    Read more about the PSP.

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