I want a Nintendo DS.

My birthday present to Mark was a black Nintendo DS Lite along with two games to play on it: Big Brain Academy, and Yoshi’s Island. Yoshi’s Island was more or less for me, and he didn’t seem too interested in it so we returned it and he ended up buying a 2GB SD transflash card, an accessory kit (a/c adapter, usb charger), and a carrying case.

He also went out and bought the New Super Mario Brothers game, and an M3 Adapter. He went ahead and downloaded a bunch of DS games, and already has about 47 DS games on the 2GB SD transflash card. It works awesome. He had ordered it on Friday, so I honestly didn’t think he’d get it until the end of the week or weekend, but when I went over to his house last night, he had a game open that he didn’t already have!

Turns out he ended up receiving it yesterday. So far I’ve already had a chance to play Nintendogs (so cute!), Trauma Center, Diddy Kong Racing, Mario Kart DS, The Sims 2, Cooking Mama, and I watched him play Touch the Dead, MLB 2007 (what a horrible game on the DS!) Basically he paid about $70 for the transflash and adapter and we now have over $100 worth of games. The torrent file actually had 2,000+ game titles, but he only downloaded about a hundred or so that he wanted, and then zipped up 50 or so that totaled 2GB.

All I know is that I can’t wait until I can get a DS, so that I can play with it whenever I want, and kick Mark’s ass at the New Super Mario Brothers mini-games, and any other game that you can play directly or over WFC.


  1. ha! my husband got me a magic key for my ds for my birthday last year (06′). thanks to my dude being a super genius, over the years we’ve saved thousands of dollars on video games….

  2. ohh thats so cool 🙂 i want a DS.. i draw one for a class and just felt in love with it hahaha.. also yoshi’s island is the best 😛
    i like the idea of nintendo to download some games and have them stored, it saves space and if you get bored you can just change the game without turning it off and on constantly

  3. I have the regular “old” nintendo ds, and I love it! I only have mario, mario kart, animal crossing, and nintendogs (I love that game, I currently have about 3 pets). Wifi= so much fun! I love playing wifi on mario kart (although I lost the game … oops) because then I could play with people all over the world, lots of fun. I have cooking mama for the wii (so much fun) and I am getting the new trauma center for wii as well. You have a wii too right? I love handled games 🙂

  4. I concur, some of the guys who work for me play DS over lunch. I’m on the brink of picking one up myself.

  5. :S
    For some reason my comment got cut. I basically said that I loved Nintendogs and my dog, Twix, is now totally elite. 🙂

  6. The original Yoshi’s Island for SNES is my all-time favorite game (including XBox and PS2!), so I was looking forward to Yoshi’s Island 2 for DS O_o I haven’t gotten a chance to play it yet.

    I have Super Mario Bros., Mario Kart DS, Brain Age, and Animal Crossing. My favorite of those is Animal Crossing, although I haven’t played any of them in a long time.

  7. Mark has Animal Crossing, but I haven’t had a chance to play it yet. I really want to play it just because I’ve heard some good reviews about it, and because I just can’t resist playing with cute little puppies and whatnot!

  8. animal crossing is very cute 🙂 you’ll love it when you get a chance to play it!

    my m3 adapter is by far the best thing I ever bought for my ds… not only because I can download games, it saves me carting my actual cartridges with me when i take my ds on the train or something like that…

  9. I’ve been wanting a black one for the longest time now. It’s fun to play against other people! I want to play Nintendogs, the one with the Chihuahuas. 🙂

  10. Lucy, I was hoping that Nintendogs had a Pug I could’ve bought, but I ended up just buying a Labrador Retriever instead when I started my campaign, or.. game.. or.. pet’s life? hah

  11. –where the player use the touch screen to affect other things in the level, such as drawing a bridge, pushing buttons or grabbing items.

    Jem, that alone is making me interested. Then again, I really suck when it comes to having to pay attention to a few things in a game, in order to make everything fall into place. Either way, I think Mark already downloaded it.. If not, I’m sure he will after reading this 😛

  12. AHHHH! I want one toooooo! 😀 Happy belated birthday to Mark, that’s an awesome present to get, WOOT! 😀 I know I want Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon if I get a DS! Heard those were fun times.

  13. The Nintendo DS is an amazing console system, but you know what? I want a the Nitnendo DS 2! When will that be released?

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