I want that new car smell.

For the past month I’ve been using one of my parent’s car(s) to get around as my car’s front passenger tire had exploded on me. I had just been too busy with work and school to give a shit about the crappy car. It just wasn’t one tire that needed to be replaced either–the other three were essentially bald and a huge hazard when driving (especially when it rained–I would hydroplane the entire time!)

So today I finally caved in and threw a spare on, and went up to Discount Tire to get a new set of tires for the Escort. The quote they gave me over the phone was for $317 including lifetime warrant on the tires as well as rotations and repairs. When I got there I was given a price for $440 and nearly shit myself. Turns out he was going to put on 185/60-15 tires, rather than 190/60-15 (those numbers are just the tire sizes my car has.) Talk about a huge difference! The other sad part is that if the tires were 14″ rather than 15″, I’d have paid almost $139 less!

I’m just happy that my car can finally ride smooth again; Hopefully this will also help with the gas mileage. I’ve gotten a chance to take out my mom’s 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid, and let me tell you that I am horribly jealous that she can get over 500 miles to a tank of gas. I think the last decent mileage I got was about 320’ish miles to the tank. Hopefully I’ll be able to part with that sometime next year.

I’ve been debating with myself (and discussing with my dad) the prospect of getting a new car. I need to get rid of my car since I’m at 108,000 miles and I’ve put way too much money into it to fix it up (and it’s still not that great.) I’m probably going to aim towards getting a Scion XA. I’m not too set on it right now, but I definitely want to get a small car, and either brand new or slightly used (as in no more then 20,000 miles.)

I’m still months ahead of myself right now, as I want to wait until at least May or June of next year. My priority right now is pretty much for moving into the townhouse myself and some friends have been looking around for awhile right now.


  1. This might be more than what you want to spend but have you thought about a Honda Fit? Those are toooo cute.

  2. Tires are extremely expensive, in my opinion. I had 17″ Bullitt rims put on my Mustang, and they cost around $1400 for all four tires and rims. The tires cost about $160 each, so I’m screwed if I ever need to replace all four. I had a flat the other day, though (I had a screw stuck in the tire), but luckily I got the warranty so they fixed it for free.

    I’ve been hoping to sell mine, though, and get something more economical as well. That Scion sure looks sweet! Although I kind of like driving my mom’s big Explorer. I feel like I can trample over everyone haha.

  3. Gah, tires are expensive in my opinion as is having to fix a car too. At least mine was, but still I love my little car (Ford Fiesta Sapphire). 🙂
    Good luck if you do indeed decide to go for a new car.

  4. I know this isn’t the appropriate place to contact you about hosting, but Holdfire is down, as well as my domain. I believe it’s been down for almost all day. 🙁 This downtime is making me unhappy.

  5. Whenever I get a car of my own, I’d like to get a hybrid or some other gas efficient vehicle. Gas is just too expensive these days to buy a gas guzzler.

    Alternatively, I could get a car with a diesel engine and run it on vegetable oil. 😛

  6. i wish i knew more about cars! if you live in the suburbs, is it pretty much essential to have a car? the reason i ask is because i’d love to live in the US, particularly the suburbs! x

  7. Sadly enough I don’t know much about cars, but that car definitely looks good 😀 To be honest I’ve never heard of the brand Scion before, lol.

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