I’m a loner Dottie, a rebel.

There hasn’t been too much going on in my life that has warranted a blog entry. I doubt you’d want to read what time I woke up, went to the bathroom and wiped my ass, or how much I spent on beer on Sunday. I’ll spare you the mundane intricacies of my life!

Thursday nights are now officially Durbins nights (which is where I shall be tonight) since they have $1.25 domestic bottles, and $1.50 shots (Jager Bombs, and Vodka bombs.) Nothing else new has happened, though I did get another website through work, and managed to finish that over the weekend. Sunday my parents had a Labor Day party so most of my day was spent lounging around drinking beer, socializing, and eating cookies.

The only new thing in my life is that my best friend Amy and I have been actively looking at apartments/houses to rent. She really wants to get into her own place again, as do I, so the past few days have been spent discussing locations, as well as looking at the general price for a house over an apartment. So far we’ve found some really awesome places, that if we were to get 4-5 people altogether, we’d be looking at $375/month of rent per person, and utilities being divided up between everyone as well. It’s a gorgeous house, but it doesn’t allow pets. Which goes against us because she’d like to keep her cats.

Other than that I’ve been doing really good. I’ve got a few new things in my life (eg: video games, t-shirts), as well as new friends that have really helped the process of being satisfied that I’m a single female. All I know is that today is Thursday which means, DURBINS! tonight. Hopefully I can remember to take my camera with, so we can take awful photos.


  1. Anything less than $550 a month is cheap to me, since that’s the cheapest I’ve ever paid for an apartment, blah. Well, then again that was in Orlando, FL! XD So it sounds like a sweet deal, hehe! Too bad about the pets though, I hope you guys find something that works.

    Ooh, Durbin’s sounds fun, I wish I could be there! 😀 Hope you had a good time!

  2. @ Sarah, Melissa: The rent is actually not for a one bedroom. Well, I guess it *is* but it’s actually going to be $1500-2100 a month total, for an apartment/house in any are around here. It’s just what I would be paying per month.

    Though my apartment in KY was a 2br/2.5bath 2 story townhouse in Louisville for $725/mo. My 2br/1br apartment was $499/mo but it was a shithole in a ghetto area.

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