I’m bored of this look already.

Time to whip up a new theme here. I’m already tired of the one I have right now.

Interview with Barnes and Noble went quite amazing. Cingular interview today at 2pm.


  1. Good luck with both of your interviews. Personally, I’d rather work at Cingular, but that’s because the retail front bores me to tears. 😉

  2. Good luck with your interview. What kind of job functions?

    Is it Business/HR by any chance because I’ve been thinking about Cingular for internship stuff.

  3. @ Jenn, B&N isn’t really retail, at least what position I was interviewing for. I went in for the Cafe Manager position, which is well, the Starbucks in the B&N.

    Cingular is more retail that B&N. You’ve got quotas to meet, you deal with customers every day, every hour.

    @ Corinne, thanks! B&N was for Cafe Manager, and Cingular was just for a full-time position, and it would be in the Cingular store, selling phones, services, features, etc etc. Nothing Business/HR. I’m assuming for those position they hire within company, as opposed to outsourcing it (most of the time.)

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