It isn’t winter without snow

As if we didn’t already have to deal with a previous snowstorm a couple weeks ago (and two different ice storms) we got hit hard again yesterday throughout the day and into the early morning. So for the fourth time I’ve had to cancel plans and call it a night due to crappy weather. I don’t mind snow, it’s pretty to look at, but when I’ve got about 9″ of snow to clear off of my car, shovel around my car, AND various other parts outside (garage area, front walkway, back walkway and patio), then I hate it.

Aside from bitching about snow I managed to finish up my first semester back to college, and managed to do decent. I could have done better, but I’ll just try to be satisfied with what I’ve got under my plate right now. I’m still rather iffy on whether or not I’m going to register for classes next week, but we’ll see. Once school was done, I pretty much had a lot of free time and despite the fact that I made a to-do list, nothing on it was completed at all. Save for actually creating a new design for my website.

Tomorrow I’ll be spending a few hours backing up files from a laptop HDD and onto a new Seagate FreeAgent external HDD. Once I’ve got that done I get to go through the fantastic process of reformatting it with Windows XP, and quite possibly tossing on Open Suse if I feel like partitioning it. Geekiness aside, that’s really I’ve got planned this week, and hell for the rest of this month, excluding New Year’s Eve.

The 2nd week of January I’m going to be making a trip out to Kansas to go out and see my boyfriend Travis. If you’re wondering how the hell I know someone in Kansas while I live in Chicago, you can assume correctly. I ended up meeting him online (though if you really want to get technical, Halo 3!) and instantly hit it off, and what do you know, decided to start dating. I’ll probably be flying out on the 7th or 8th depending on what the airfare is between the two dates (because one or the other can make a huge difference in price) and staying there for a week or more. Regardless of how we met, I couldn’t really care what other people thought of it. I’ve donee it several times for relationships, friendships, you name it. It’s gone well, and I don’t see this being any different–especially when Travis is almost like my coveted soul mate.

And on that note, time to go start backing up the HDD.


  1. So far we have been really lucky and spared for any heavy snowfalls. I know it’s only a question of time before it will be here but I will enjoy it until then.

    Good luck on your many projects and have a great time with Travis – I also met my husband online!

  2. I’ve seen on the news about some parts of the States being pretty badly hit by the snow – you must in one of them, right? I don’t envy you. I love the snow but it makes travelling nigh-on impossible and just a couple of inches brings chaos over here.

    Oh well, you could always build an army of snowmen to pass the time 😉

  3. I know what you mean. Snow is very pretty to look at, but not that fun to shovel. It’s ok if it’s just a little bit, but too much is no fun at all.

  4. sweet that you and travis are so close. Hope you have a good time when you fly out. 🙂
    Woo for halo 3! xD
    Snow is only good to look at. Every other aspect, including the freeze your face off cold is rubbish!

  5. What is so great about Open Suse? I’ve gone so far as to download and burn the ISOs, but never actually installed it.

    And yea, that snow sucked! I liked it better than this rain though.

  6. I would love some snow here! We got some today but it was only like 2 inches and then it rained so there it went. But it sucks that your plans had to be cancelled due to the weather.

  7. Gosh, I hate snow. I don’t even find it pretty to look at :/ Which is sucky for me since usually my country is covered in it. This year I’ve been blessed by a nearly non-snowy winter 😛

    I hope things go well with Travis 🙂 And I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with meeting people (whether they’re friends or something more) online, I’d say it’s pretty common these days.

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