It’s true, smiles can melt your heart.

So, it’s finally happened. My heart officially melted from a smile. Yup, you heard it right. Tonight I was over at Mark’s house just to see him for awhile (because I kind of love seeing him a lot) and at one point I was laying on my side hovering over him, and he looked up at me and had the cutest smile ever. To top it off he smiled that smile not once, but thrice and did that really cute innocent voice that made my cold heart pitter patter just a bit faster. It’s permanently embedded in my head, and I will always replay it whenever I need to cheer up. Mark is by far the best person to come into my life, when I needed him the most.

Two more days until Blue Man Group, and Thursday is shopping with my grandma. Hopefully I can persuade her into letting me get my hair cut/colored. I’ve got three different outgrowth colors, and split ends like nobody’s business. Any ideas for colors? See my about page to get a picture of what I look like. My complexion is usually slightly tan, though my skin tone is more on the lighter side of the spectrum despite the fact that I’m part Mexican.


  1. Aw, that’s so cute! I know exactly what you mean. *sigh* It’s that “goofy grin” kind of memory…just the best people ever, seriously. 🙂

    Hummm, hair color. Pink!! XD Lol, but seriously I think you may look good with highlights, but suttle ones. I once dyed my hair jet black…that was an adventure! 😀 Of course, it’s back to brunette now. With some red in it. Reddish highlights always look pretty too! 🙂

  2. Pink is definitely not a color that would suit me! I would have to bleach my hair in order for the pink to be able to show through. I have nearly-black hair, so.. yeah.. Not an option 😉

    I have been considering highlights, but I’m so cheap. I have thick and pseudo-long hair so the price would be a bit more… Last time I got my hair dyed I paid $90. I think the most I spent before was $120 before tip. o.O

    But I’m thinking of going two-toned again. Back in 2004 I had a dark chestnutty brown, with burgandy underlayers. Definitely worth the $90 I spent on it; Though 7 months later the burgandy washed out to a faded red/orange, but it would’ve been easy to get it touched up. .. hmmm…

  3. Ohh underlayers would be hawt! Do that, do that! I need to do something snazzy with my hair soon as well…can’t be seeing the b/f all the time after May looking like a bag lady. XD

  4. Blue Man Group! I’m so jealous. My girlfriend melts my heart when she does that crap too. Then she asks to take her for a pedicure. Just kiddin’ haha.

    — Scot

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