I’ve got something brewing..

I will admit that I’ve had some ideas that were apparently destined to fail (see: stylevirb.com) however my creative side has been blessed with some will to actually start a new project. I think the main factor that will keep me active with it is the fact that it has potential to earn me money for it.

I haven’t started on it yet, though I did just settle on a name for it. I’ve got awhile to go since the latest release isn’t out and it’s senseless to work around with an older version. But I’m excited for it and Mark seems to agree. Now I just need to work on the initial design.. Let’s see what I can pop out.

Still waiting to hear back from the design firm in my area. Didn’t get a chance to interview with them last week, so it’s supposed to be this upcoming week. Just that the guy hasn’t gotten back to me, but I sent in a follow-up e-mail to find out. But needless to say I’m excited for it, and I really hope that it goes through as I hope it will.

And an update on my last blog about Primary VPS. My anger has subsided though I still am quite dissatisfied with their support. I have found another VPS host that I like so far, and am testing them out. Definitely am happy thus far because of the numerous add-ons that they include for free, as well as their overall design. I’m such a picky person when it comes to finding a web host, especially when I’ve been with the same one for over three or so years.


  1. Good luck with your new project! I always get excited when I think of new projects to work on…but they never seem to materialise into much! I hope you have better luck than I do!

  2. Oh good luck with your new project! I sometimes think of new projects, I get really excited and plan them out and then … nothing. I can’t stand slow web hosting support and when they don’t even bother to read your tickets, it annoys me so much.

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