Job opportunies are getting better.

Last week I sent my resume to a Chicago area Pontiac dealership about their posting for an Internet Department position. I received a call from the HR over the weekend to ask a few questions about my resume. I’m about to return the call right now, and I really hope it goes well. I’m getting a bit antsy being jobless, and am definitely interested in this position. Hopefully I can snag an interview!

Not much else has been happening lately. I’m kind of PMSing and had a bit of a fit on Sunday night. I feel bad because Mark took the brunt of it and I feel like it’s cause some kind of rift. Though another symptom I typically deal with when I’m PMSing (aside from instant agitation, being clingy, and mood swings) is a slight bit of paranoia. I’m not saying I’m completely crazy, I just have this overwhelming sense of paranoia that I’ve caused someone to feel otherwise about me. Hopefully I didn’t cause too much stress for the poor guy on Sunday, I felt pretty bad about it.

If only guys would just succumb to girl’s emotions (or pleas haha) and just comfort, console, and deliver chocolates when they are demanded!


  1. Good luck with getting a job interview. Yeah, I can relate to how you’re feeling about wanting to get a job… well for me — it’s about getting a different/new job than the one I currently have.

    Hahaha, yes – where can you find a guy like that? Sign me up. I picture myself with a little silver bell that I ring when I need something… and Brad Pitt pops up with a silver tray of bon bons. LOL.

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