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I’m starting to love making fun of this asshole: The internet lets you lie, and How well do you know someone?. I came across a website ( that was talking about a “new CMS” called Wordsex, which I happened to remember reading about somewhere that this was one of Meng’s projects. So I decided to take a visit, and again, I brought the LOL.

I didn’t even have to scratch my head to wonder where I had seen this design from before because I knew exactly where. Last year sometime I came across a host that used as their designer, and since then I’ve been visiting it once in awhile to see what new concepts he’s come up with, because I happen to enjoy them. He does unique sites but still has the style that’s recognizable as his. Since I’ve seen that design before I went ahead and searched through his past clients, and Meng’s Wordsex design is identical to Loadingdeck’s template design for template #7. And with that being said, I’m sending an e-mail to the owner, Dan, to let him know about this so he can take care of it. I’m sure the website will disappear into oblivion much like any other domain Meng owns (if you try to check out, or they no longer work! HA!)

Oh, and in case you’re wondering how I know that Meng owns that domain, the DNS nameservers were pointed to, which is his old, defunct (and crappy) webhosting company, that is going to replace.

meng ripoff
meng ripoff

Thank you so much for providing me with this entertainment.

Edit 5/21/07: Well, he seems to have removed everything from the website, but I managed to save the page to my server for archival purposes. To view what was on, view _ Next Gen CMS.htm. Thanks Melissa for letting me know that it wasn’t up anymore.


  1. Did you change the layout of your page? Things look quite different. I like it, it is quite minimalist. And my text, at least while I am typing, is blue. Nifty.

  2. Yeah, I changed it to another theme because I was getting so tired of the other one. It felt cramped, and I just didn’t like the style of it anymore.

    This one has a few bugs and quirks to fix, otherwise this is the finished product. Glad you like the minimalist look; I suck at having anything too graphic intense! 😛

  3. I just changed mine as well. I hate changing it, and then realizing all of the customizations I have done over the life of that theme. Now I have to edit most of the pages and the style sheet just to make things work as they were before.

    I still haven’t finished, and this is before I have done any real template editing. I am just trying to get stuff to work right again!

  4. *scratches head* I thought Meng was from Canada? And his contact info is based out of Washington state? Hmm…interesting. I can’t believe he keeps making more and MORE websites. If they’re not successful or the first time (or if you’re caught for stealing and ripping off other people), why keep doing it? It’s like he’s got a permanent Krystole complex. How sad.

  5. I really like the new layout! I love image-less simplistic themes. 🙂 Especially blue and green, I love(d) the last one too. 😛
    Lol at wordsex, I was browsing the site. And maybe I’m stupid but I couldn’t really figure out what in the world it was haha… You say it’s a cms, but I couldn’t find where it says anything about it, or where one was supposed to download it. lol. w/e I don’t want it haha… I’m happy with WP. :B

  6. It has the word sex in it so its bound to work to some degree…unfortunately. I have been messing around with Mephisto a bit and gotta look at theming a site up with it still but its nice, quite nice.

  7. Haha, I see someone looks at my site lmafo. I can’t wait to see wordsex up I am going to change my site’s blogging tool to it. Well , I guess you know that because you read my site. Give Meng , Mike , of whatever anyone calls him a little slack . It is the e-life , I don’t even know you online so I don’t want to get on your bad side because I have seen some of your designs and they look cool. And your a great designer and you know that so if you don’t like Mike , Meng , Haller ? Whatever you want to call him just forget about him. Yes he may get on my nerves at times but he is cool. Okay .. what am I talking about. Oh yeah lol. If you hate Meng , Mike .. then just ignore him because it won’t get you far trust me . It is the internet you can’t have everyone like you. I wished we could but we can’t. .. Well anyway thanks for viewing my site. That is awesome . *Patts for Jordan!*

  8. @Tony If you read my post, I was not looking at your site; I said I came across it, and subsequently left it after I saw the link to Wordsex.

    I am not going to give The Douchebag a break, because he’s just that, a douchebag. So please, don’t tell me what I should do in regards to someone whether or not it’s “e-life” or no.

    Yes, I don’t like Mike/Meng/Douchebag because he lies to people, steals peoples works and writing, and keeps doing this. I hate it, but I’m allowed to do with that as I please, and if I want to write about the shit he’s doing, then I am going to write about the shit he’s doing.

    You’re only thirteen so you might not really grasp the concept of publicly humiliating people on the internet. Give it a few years when you hit puberty and experience and you might be able to graps that concept.

    Also, I’d highly suggest to not waste your time switching to Wordsex, because no doubt the coding for the CMS is going to be stolen from some other open source project. I have no doubt in my mind about that, that’s for sure.

    @Kelly, the best part about that address is that the phone number is a New Jersey number. Go figure.

  9. @Jordan

    Okay , well anyway. I hope your not going to go after me like Mike now and hate me forever . I was just saying. And well yeah..

  10. @Tony– I don’t know you nor care about you so quite frankly, I have no need to even “go after you.”

    @Melissa–I added up a working screenshot for archival purpose; I was saving it just for this moment. 😛

  11. @ Jordan

    I was just saying because Mike told me that you would be on my case until you (JJordan) weren’t popular on the net anymore. Pft to tell you the truth I could give a shit.

  12. Tony, yes let’s believe a pathological liar on the internetz! Anyway, why would I be on your case? I don’t know you, nor do I want to know you. I linked to your site simply to add more structure to my post and reference how I came across Wordsex/Douchebag again.

    That was it–I linked to your website. Nothing more, nothing less, so don’t even worry about it because I don’t need to know you, nor will I be on your case. Let me reiterate since you have a hard time understanding that: I will not be on your case, nor will I ever talk to you about anything.

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