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It’s weird having something on my schedule from the morning until late in the evening. Last week I started working on the new client’s website, and then in the evenings I’ve had class to go to. Both have been pretty well although I’ve hit a bit of a snag with the client’s website. I’m not extremely fond of the design that their graphic designer came up with. I’ve found it really hard to code the website (although it is done now) because I just did not like what I saw. I’ve made suggestions for elements that really needed to be changed, and they were considered, although I felt extremely put off when I was told that it’s really what the client will agree with and whatnot. I understand that, but how can you be proud of the work you do, when you don’t like what you’re working with. I mean, isn’t it all about giving the client the best, and what will look the best? Regardless I did come up with a new concept, albeit it lacks any graphical inspiration for the soul fact that I am *not* a graphic designer. I’m hoping to present it to the client (since the graphic designer right now, is sort of AWOL but long story) and see if they like the new structure (rather than the design itself.)

NOWAI Turk All that aside, I have been asking myself why I have never gotten into watching Scrubs before. Throughout the week my friend Jeff and I have pretty much been distracting each other by talking about random crap, and of course exchanging YouTube videos. Earlier in the week he sent me a video of Turk dancing, and it was basically down hill from there. I guess it also doesn’t help that he’s been sending me a bunch of other clips from Scrubs to watch! Needless to say before I went out last night, I was able to catch two episodes on Comedy Central and pretty much kicked myself in the ass for never watching this show before. Time to start from the beginning! I really have to either blame or thank (or both!) Jeff for this. The plus is that I now have a new show to be excited to watch, but the downside is that I have seasons upon seasons to catch up on. Hopefully he can fulfill his duty of being a fellow nerd by compiling a list of episodes that I *must* watch, or even just a list of seasons that are better than others. We’ll see!

All that aside, this past week has been really great. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that school has started, and as I mentioned earlier I’m busy from the moment I wake up, up until I go to sleep. I love it! Hopefully a bunch of stuff will go on this week. Trying to make some plans for things; I know I have class on Thursday, but I might not go to that class as much. Besides, I’d rather go out with my friends to Durbin’s instead! Despite the fact that tomorrow is Monday, I hope that my SysWear order, Think Geek order and new Xbox video game (Star Wars: Battlefront; I loved it on the PS2) come in! Or my new debit card so that I can order a few t-shirts that (“NOOB, I am your father.,” “OMFG–The Gamer’s Prayer“) I really want to have, and because I really need to replenish my t-shirt collection. It’s very apparent which ones I wear the most–since they’re all black, and have been worn one day too many, they’re more of a dingy grey’ish black. -insert sad face emoticon-

And on that note, I am going to pass the fuck out.


  1. I know exactly what you mean! I didn’t start watching Scrubs until I found it when I was recovering at home and couldn’t find the remote to switch over! How late are we?!

    V xx

  2. I started watching Scrubs in it’s first season and I loved it. It is hilarious! You need to watch them all, lol. Hope everything went okay with your client 🙂

  3. I love Scrubs.. you can watch all the episodes online at or, but you probably knew that already. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the links Kelly! I already had tv-links from a previous show I watched, but the other one I didn’t have! 🙂

  5. Such is life and work, I guess. Sometimes we just have to do the things we’re paid to do. Glad this time you could present your concept to the client, though, and hope they like yours better. 😛

  6. Unfortunately they’re still going to go with the original concept. I’m not the graphic designer for this project, so it was expected that they’d go with the original (yet ugly) concept. It’s just work, and I’m getting paid for it, so despite the fact I may not be proud, I’m just going to do what they what, rather than what I think would be best. *shrugs*

  7. I’ve never understood the whole hype about Scrubs. Now, when I can’t sleep, I channel surf and usually end up watching it. And now I do understand all the squee-ing over it. It’s pretty cool!

    And good luck with work!

  8. Scrubs is awesome, I just wish I remembered to watch it when it was on.

    I did however make a point of seeing “My Musical”, which was just as awesome as I hoped. Have you seen clips for the song “Guy Love”?

  9. I really hate being very busy but I’m glad you’re enjoying it! If I were you, I would drop that project since I don’t feel like working on it. But if they pay big, I’ll change my mind!

    I never watch Scrubs and I’m not really fond of comedy shows. I’m an ANTM geek!

  10. Hey you! ^__^ I’m done being MIA and I’ve missed reading your blog. 😀 Just did a quick read through of your last month of posts…and *hug*. I’m glad you’re doing better! I’m jealous, I’m wishing so badly to be in school again…I kind of hate being graduated.

    LOL “NOOB, I am your father.” I want that shirt!!!! XD

    I promise I won’t be such a stranger any longer…I hope you had a good weekend! 🙂

  11. Hopefully the client sees the light about the design. Functionality really is paramount in designing websites… if only everyone under the sun would understand that!

    And I got to watch Scrubs when, at the time, I only got two channels. They were great, and I kicked myself for not tuning in sooner… but since that time, I’ve not really enjoyed watching it. I guess I had Scrubs-overload or something. Still a great show. Zach Braff is a genius, too!

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