My taxes for 2006 are done.

I wasn’t planning on doing them for a few more weeks, but I went ahead and filed them online already. Mark sent me the link to, which I had intended to bookmark, but I didn’t. I had to file for two different states, Indiana and Illinois. It wasn’t that bad, but it was just annoying having to worry about two different states. For my federal return, I’m getting back $438, for IN $129, and IL $5. Yeah, five.. dollars. It’s not a lot but I honestly don’t care. I ended up getting more for my Indiana taxes because I was able to enter in my rent details for the six months I was renting down there.

Either way it’s taken care of and tomorrow I’m going to mail them out (since my IN states couldn’t be efiled, I decided to just send them all out at once through USPS.) Tomorrow I also have my interview with Office Max that I managed to get on Tuesday. I had applied there back in December (when I still had a job!) before the store had opened but had never received a call back. On Monday while I was at my Barnes and Noble interview, I had a miessed call, and didn’t call it until Tuesday. It ended up being OM, so I called and spoke to a store manager and had asked if they were hiring and then mentioned I already filled out the app.

I’m not sure why I never got a voicemail when they called though. Either way I really hope things go well tomorrow. Mom treated me to some new clothes for the interview, and just in general. I picked up a few things at the mall and at Old Navy while I was out. Apparently my new pink is black and gray because 100% of the clothes I got where either of those colors. But I definitely love the new sweater hoodie I got ahold of, and another zip-up sweater I snagged on clearance for $19.99.


  1. Filing taxes sounds awful…it makes me want to stay seventeen forever! Good luck with your interview today, hopefully you’ll get the job! :]

  2. I want to watch that movie but my sister doesn’t want to go with me. I might have to watch by myself. I like all the blood and fighting hehe Muscled guys are hot, too.

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