Nintendo Wii Media Center

Today I found my new favorite site, Red, after reading about their “release” of a Nintendo Wii Media Center.

Our free media centers allow you to stream certain types of media from your computer to your Nintendo Wii and also let you download files to your PlayStation 3 (PS3) hard drive over your wired or wireless computer network.

The one downfall that I’m coming across right now is that your media has to be stored under the program’s directory (“C:Program FilesRed KawaMedia Center” as opposed to being able to state what directory you want to be listed. For now I’m going to test it out and see how it plays with my wireless network (which is 54mpbs.(

Right now I’m converting the pilot episode for The Office from season one, to the format necessary (.FLV I believe) so I can see how it works, and if it’s worth even using. Even if that doesn’t pan out, I have my X-Box back now, so I’ll end up modding that to be my media center instead. I’ve been wanting to do that for awhile, and with all the media files I currently have, I really need to do that. I’m tired of watching movies/tv shows on my computer.

Edit: I also came across another similar service, but works more like Slingbox, and it’s not just for the Wii either:

Oh and in case you want to Miingle, my Wiimail is:
w8862042694855311 _at_