Pay Per Post ruined your website.

A few months ago some of my favorite websites have gone down the drain and have succumbed to infesting with their posts with paid advertising (and 100% of them are for Pay Per I admit that I joined in on the fun, but since I joined, I have only made four posts for them, ever. And yes I did get paid $27.00.) But the point is not to talk about how the company is legit.

I’m tired of going to a website and reading about how I should check out this awesome site for great cellphone deals, or that I should make a zwinky because it helps pass the time. The big give away, is that the links will have the same keywords, and they don’t point to the index. One site I used to love to go to all the time, was, but now I don’t even look at the website, and I barely even notice new posts in the feed I have set up for it. Sorry Klumsi, but most of your posts bore the piss out of me simply because YOU aren’t truly posting for fun, you’re posting to make an extra buck.

I recently went to since I was just clicking links for sites to visit, and the moment I saw her first post for HDMI cables I wanted to scream. Then you’ll see every other post is for pay per post as well.

Though I think people are starting to realize how much their website suffers when majority of their posts consist of paid adverts. Samantha’s website,, finally decided to change from posting to earn an extra buck, to actually posting what she wants. For awhile, was the exact same, to the point where I never visited, nor did I read entries that were created. Though now I just read her posts through pageflakes, because I hate dealing with the constant image/text link ads thrown up all over the place.

Hopefully people will realize how much this effects their sites and somehow create a separate website so that regular [real] viewers don’t have to put up with paid-for-opinions. Either that or use the wordpress functions to hide a category from being displayed.


  1. I respect your opinion on this, and to a certain extent I agree you. But on the flip side, making a few extra dollars is nice. And broadening my horizons a bit is nice, too. I admit that I was reaching a bit with the HDMI post, but otherwise I try to choose opportunities that actually interest me (such as another opp I did –

    Now I have a really unrelated question for you: I see that you use Mint. I was just checking out the site a few moments before yours and am intrigued by it. How is Mint? Is it worth the money? Does it track as well and as in depth as it claims to?

  2. Mint is definitely worth spending $30 for; You’ll luck out too, because Mint2 was just realized, and for people who purchased it prior to 01/01, have to pay a $19 upgrade fee for it.

    I’ve been using it since September of last year, and it’s definitely something I am glad I got. With just a fresh mint install, you’re able to pretty much track everything from search engine referrals, site referrals. With peppers (‘plugins’) you can add more functionality like being able to see a piechart for browsers your viewers use, as well as other information (os, resolution.)

    Check out peppermint tea to see other 3rd party peppers that you can add.

  3. I think it’s quite funny. I’m reading these entries, and I’m thinking, “what are you talking about.”

    But of course, they don’t know either.

  4. I know exactly what you mean. I signed up as well, but I plan on rarely posting … maybe just 1 or 2 a month if that. It’s nice to make extra cash but not if it takes up my entire blog, takes the fun out of it and then it becomes a job instead.

  5. i couldn’t agree with you more. after i started writing ppp posts i noticed a significant drop in visitors, and to be quite honest my site still isn’t receiving as many visitors as it used to. my posts, much like every other ppp bloggers posts, lacked substance and originality. they were boring and just…ugh. i’m really not surprised that everyone ran away from my site…
    whenever i come across a ppp post i skip over it. if the next one is just a filler post for their next ppp post, i just leave the site. i don’t even bother reading back any further because i know it’s going to be the same redundant bullshit….
    it’s amazing how fast ppp blew up. it’s pretty much everywhere now. i can see why though. in the short period that i was posting ppp posts i made over 200 bux. plus it’s super easy money, it really is. but i had to give up on it because i felt like i was selling myself. like i was some kind of marketing whore……

  6. Yeah, I find the posts in those sorts of blogs end up sounding so completely bizarre. I don’t bother to go to those sites now.

  7. The way I see it is if people are that short of cash that they need the PPP posts to get a few extra dollars, they need to get a better job.

  8. Jem, sometimes better jobs are hard to come by. Right now I work two minimum wage jobs in feilds that I enjoy (thank god for small favors) because noone else in the town I live in is hiring. Sometimes any ways of earning extra income is worth it. It’s not that easy sometimes to just “get a better job”

  9. ^ Sometimes better jobs, or a job of any real sort isn’t always possible. For instance, I’m a mother of two. The cost of gas continues to go up, and the cost to put our two kids in daycare would be close to $1100 a month… which would be more than I would bring in. It just isn’t worth it. So, if I can find work on the side that doesn’t require me leaving my home, you better believe I’ll take it up!

  10. Jem, I find your attitude both arrogant and slightly offensive. You say ‘get a better job’ as though one could stroll down the street and take one’s pick. It’s simply not that easy, I have a wife to support and most times it’s hard to make ends meets.

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