PrimaryVPS has the worst support ever.

I decided to try out a new VPS host, Primary VPS. They’re sort of cheap so I was hesitant at first because of that but since it was managed, and had a decent amount of disk space (logical ds) and bandwidth I decided to give them a go.

I ordered Direct Admin instead of cPanel since I wanted to try something new, and to play around with it. After I had my fair share of play time I decided to set up a domain on it. I created the nameservers and registered them with my registrar, and then set up the hostname with the 3rd party DNS that manages all of my other hostnames.

Then that’s when the problem started. The website wasn’t resolving to the server, leading me to believe that the nameservers weren’t propagating right. So about 48 hours ago I sent them a support ticket explaining the problem and asking them to look into it to see what was happening. Boy, was I in for the ride of my life.

I received a reply telling me “Our technical team will get back to you soon on this matter.” Alright fine, but I think it was pointless to reply within two minutes if you’re not going to contribute to solve the problem. Then I get a reply from a Viktor asking me questions that I answered in my original ticket to start the process.

Did you set up (nameserver here) and (nameserver here)t on both your VPS and with your registar as those IP’s? Then you set your nameservers to (nameserver here) and (nameserver here) correct?

DOH, What. The. Fuck?

Basically what happens is I reply back with intricate details and I go in-depth about it so they won’t have to ask redundant questions. This has been like that for over 48 hours now and I’m so pissed off it’s unbelievable. But you know what, I’m going to sit here and deal with it because I refuse to let them get away without giving me proper support and fixing this problem. I wanted to threaten them with a refund (and horrible reviews everywhere possible) but I am holding it all in.

I am going to harp on them about everything until I am completely satisfied. Though now I am wishing I went with cPanel instead of Direct Admin, because no doubt that this would’ve been resolved with no issues whatsoever. I guess I’ll end up forking over $10 for the license, since they can’t take the time to help me with an issue as simple as setting up A records on the VPS (because I can’t find anywhere in Direct Admin) since I don’t want to do it myself anymore.

I am going to make them wish they never started a hosting company offering managed VPS.


  1. I’ve never had VPS service before, but I have had issues with domains not propagating and it’s extremely irritating. I hope your issues get resolved, and if they don’t, I trust you’ll demand a full refund. 😉

  2. I hope ur issue gets resolved as well 🙂

    I like your site Jordan! And I’m liking holdfire as well, I plan on purchasing from you soon!! 😀

  3. I’ve had problems with my domains not propagating properly before and it is the most annoying thing ever. I hate waiting’ especially when sometimes domains propagate so quick. Definitely get exactly what you want from them; if not… they’ll regret it I am sure 😛

  4. Ugh, I hate bad support. Sometimes I wonder if they even get all that great of training when you run into situations like this.

    I hope you get your situation fixed soon!

  5. Victor at Primary VPS is a theif…the service is really bad and when the servers are down you get no response until after the servers are up. Usually around 30+ hours…stay away from Primary VPS…crap i tell you, right now primary VPS has been down for around 39 hours and no email from Victor….lame lame lame, even only has a blank html page. Victor (Wei Liu) is a thief and a low-life with a very bad attitude.

  6. Victor, run a chinese restaurant mate…the bad service is acceptable there, at least we all know we will get bad service in ANY chinese restaurant in the world…when you get in you are greeted with smiles, the waiting staff speak very poorly “wot you wan eat” and then they rush you eat and get out. Primaryvps, what a joke, give people their money back Victor, thieves never prosper!

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