Soft serve ice cream sounds good right now

It’s been five days since I last blogged and I really don’t have much to write about. Though I did have quite the weekend. I’ll start off with Saturday, since that’s really the only day that was eventful from sun up to well beyond sun down.

Started off Saturday morning by waking up at 8:30am, so that I could be showered, hair dried and straightened, and at Mark’s house by 10:15am. Thirty minutes was to account for me being lazy, and probably checking my e-mail; Another thirty dedicated to moping around the bathroom trying to combine showering, and drying my hair then straightening it despite the fact that it would most likely get frizzy once I stepped out. Not much you can do when it’s about 95°F with humidity making it feel like it’s 100°F.

Surprisingly enough I actually made it to Mark’s house at 10:20. Fast forward an hour later and we’re shopping at Jewel’s for alcohol, bratwursts, buns, hamburgers, and other food for tailgating before Bus Mania!! at the Kalamazoo Speedway in none other than Kalamazoo, Michigan. Don’t forget that I live out in the Chicago area, so this wasn’t just any drive. It was a long drive with my stuck in a SUV? with three other guys… Three guys who probably could make me puke from just one stinky fart.

Oh but wait, you want to know what Bus Mania is, right? Well, prepare yourself:

“Bus Mania” returns to the Zoo! ….. No Weekly classes on this Saturday! Instead, get on out to this one, for the hottest entertainment spectacle in the state of Michigan, guaranteed! See Monster Trucks, Train Races, Rollover Contest, Trailer Races, Gauntlet Race, Bus Races and more Bus Races, Spectator Drags, Fireworks & more!!

There you go! Rednecks, hillbillies, cars crashing, and booze.. What more could anyone ask for? Seriously though, all jokes aside, I was skeptical about it at first, but after having half a gallon of Barcardi Mai Tai in my system along with some bratwurts (cooked on $3 “grills”) meant for an interesting time. I actually enjoyed myself. I enjoyed watching buses drag along old campers, boats, trucks, and watch them all subsequently get destrooooyed!

Oh, but I have to include that the best part of Saturday was being with my boyfriend. He asked me what my favorite part about Saturday was on Sunday night, and I said I actually really liked the monster trucks. He disagreed with my answer, so I said “the one where the driver was blindfolded and the passenger guided?” again I was told that it was the wrong answer. Apparently my favorite part was spending time with my boyfriend, according to none other than my boyfriend. Whoops? 😛

How I wish I brought a camera with. Then I’d be able to show you what I saw and so maybe you could understand just how much fun I had. Except the drive home sucked. I had a bad headache from the alcohol, extreme heat, and massive amounts of sun I had to deal with along with two other obnoxious drunks (though surprisingly my boyfriend wasn’t a butthead at all!)


  1. Monster truck events are really popular in Denmark at the moment. Quite often a MT event is taking place close to where I live – I guess I should go see it some time 🙂

    I am glad you had a nice weekend and happy not to be the only Madame Frizzyness.

  2. my weekend is just starting, and I have a class tomorrow morning.. ugh.. I did spend Thursday and today with my boyfriend 😉 Your boyfriend is such a sweet guy 😉

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