Still on the job lookout

Well, no luck with Cingular, and I honestly have no idea why either. I didn’t call to ask either so I’m not even going to worry about it. I still have to get ahold of the SM from the Barnes and Noble store to find out about the Cafe Manager position that I had interviewed for. I really hope I can at least snag that job, because then I’ve only got about a month or so until I can start (since he told me it was be late March/Early April.)

There’s a few places out here that are opening soon, or are hiring.. I guess it’s just a matter of me putting aside my pride (or maybe snobbyness?) and just send an application out there without judging it first. Though I am ignoring any and all food related jobs (aside from coffee places.) I’m not dealing with it, nor the shitty pay that most deal out.

Oh well, back to working on my layout.


  1. I don’t know that there’s anymore more stressful than trying to find a new job. God, I hate that. And the interviews… My nerves just aren’t made for those sorts of things.

    I hope you hear from Barnes and Noble soon. Good luck m’dear 🙂

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