Taxes? Wait, what taxes?

So about a month and a half ago (or maybe more?) I went online to file my taxes, and got them completed only to find out that I couldn’t e-file part of my taxes. So I decided to go ahead and just save the files to my computer to print up later on, so I could mail them out.

So tomorrow is April 16th, and have I mailed them out yet? No. I’ll have to put sticky notes all over my room so I can remember to print them up tomorrow and mail them out, because dammit I want my money.

the qbee Right now I’m working on a new layout to go here because I’m really tired of seeing this layout. I’m also going to cave in and try joining the The Q*Bees because I can’t help but like the cuteness of it. I even made my own pixel of “Darth Pug.” Yup. I have a healthy obsession with Pugs.

Chicago scores U.S. 2016 Olympics bid – This is pretty awesome but some of the renderings I’ve seen for it are really weird. They want to expand near the docks and on the lake. I guess it’s awesome, but I think it’s just so weird that they’re willing to construct these buildings for one single event. I wonder what they’ll end up getting used for if we do host the Olympics and they go through with their building plans.


  1. Anytime there is an opportunity for me to actually get money from someone, I’m all over it until I actually get the money!

    About the Olympics… I always wonder why they build all the crap just for one event. Doesn’t make sense at alllll! Either way, my aunt lives in Chicago, so maybe I’ll visit her to see some summer Olympic action!

  2. Ew taxes. 😛 I hate anything math and numbers and taxes just are never my friends. 🙁

    But YAY for the Q*Bee! It’s gonna be much more fun once you join, wooot!

  3. Not that many buildings will be constructed for the Chicago Olympics. The Olympic Village will be used for public housing afterwards. The stadium will be recycled and part of it left as an amphitheater in the park.

  4. @ PM – Darth Pug basically rules all 😛

    @ Frutee – Check out the wiki page on Taxes

    @ Jack – You’d think that with the money, I’d put a rush on it, but no.. Still lazy =

    @ Bubs – Yeah from what I’ve seen so far I’ve really liked it, and can’t wait to participate in all the stuff there. Figured it’s a fun way to pass time.

    @ Han – I can’t pixel either.. but I tried. My pug looked like a zombie at first =

    @ Melissa – Yeah, taxes are horrible, but thank god for software that will do it all for you. Seriously, if it wasn’t so easy I’d be wasting my money on HR Block.

    @ Steven – I haven’t actually looked to see the amount of buildings they were putting up, but it just felt like a lot of work was going in for it; Not that I’d mind and all, but it’s just weird seeing the renders for it and knowing that it’s not there at all. Awesome about the public housing for the O’Village though.

  5. I didn’t file this year but usually I do mine as soon as I get my W2s… otherwise I know I’ll just keep putting it off until it’s the last minute. But I see alot of people running to the post office today so you’re not the only one haha.

  6. The government doesn’t contact people individually; It’s just public ads throughout media that reminds you that taxes are due on a certain date. I didn’t print them because I’m alzy. And.. why would I be afraid of the police? If I don’t file taxes this year, I can still file them next year.

    The IRS isn’t going to audit me or fine me for not filing simply because I have enough taxes taken out of my pay that I receive money BACK from filing taxes. Do you think they’d arrest me because I don’t file to get MY money back? The only time you can get audited by the IRS is if you owe money back to the government.

  7. I hope you sent your taxes in alright!

    I still wish … kind of… that LA got the bid, just so it would help out CA’s economy… but think of all the traffic! Oy!

  8. I live in Chicago. The buildings that they will be building for the Olympics will be used again. That is part of what they have to do to qualify as a contender.

  9. Lisa, if you read through the comments already left, Steven already made me aware of the buildings after the Olympics, pending we still house it. So please, next time read through before posting, so you don’t reiterate someone else’s words.

  10. Sorry, I missed his comment. Supposibly, if we get the Olympics, it isn’t suppose to raise our taxes, but we’ll have to see. The city of Chicago had to guarantee an additional $500 million of tax money to even be considered.

  11. If you read through the article link I posted, it mentions where funds will be coming from.

    By the way, not to sound rude, but it’s “supposedly.”

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