The internet lets you lie.

Almost a year ago I had to deal with an incompetant douchebag who felt it was necessary to completely rip off my autobiography and just tweak minor sentences/words to fit his life. I was slightly annoyed, but at the same time I thought he was just the biggest fucking idiot ever. And you know what, I still think he is.

I’ve noticed that whenever someone realizes that he’s a complete and utter fucktard, he’ll drop off the internet for awhile and come back with a new website. Brandy is his “girlfriend” (apparently they hadn’t talked to each other in almost a month–so honestly, that girl needs to get rid of this loser because if you go that long without talking and he’s not shipped overseas with limited communication, and you STILL stay with him then you need a reality check) and has dealt with some drama in regards to who he really was a few months ago. I don’t know exact details, but all I know is that I’m not that fucking dumb to let some internet boy run all over me and have your “friends” tell you to get rid of him but continue to stay with him.

Anyway, I happened to come across one of his websites, (I had bookmarked it when I originally found it) and noticed that he had images direct-linked and containing links that were from (Jem’s latest pants winner!). If you’re going to copy off people, you need to take the time to save the images to your own server (especially when they’re just the famfamfam set) and you need to especially remove the links (when the donate link goes straight to Gregory (contagious) and his paypal account!) I’m not sure how much longer that website will be available, but I saved it to my server, so if it goes down/gets removed, you can check out

So after I visited that website, I saw that the banner had “” in it and decided to visit that website. Low and behold Meng/Michael/Mikey (seriously, pick a fucking name and stick to it) owns this website. So upon checking out I noticed that he was talking of his new little hosting company, Being nosey, I checked it out but once I got to the packages I literally LOL’d. Why? Because he was using Holdfire Network‘s old hosting package page (especially what the accounts include). Lucky for him I know longer have a copy of that (I mean, why the fuck would I want to keep that shoddy design anyway, it was tables and looked like ass!) In case he removes that or changes it, you can check it out at

But apparently is not his website. Then why is the design the same on blt-tech as it is on, with who-is information listing as the nameservers which just happens to be his old (or current you can’t tell) “hosting company.” Not only that but the nameservers for prokrypt are through brius, who is hosted through. I’m not that fucking stupid “Meng.”

The best part? His contact e-mail after I left my comment:

Just thought id contact you about your comment on my site.

I didn’t do any of the pages, just the design so I’m not at fault for what happens there after.

and what images are my blt-tech linking from gregs site?


Other Data and Information:
IP Address:
Time Stamp: Saturday, May 12th, 2007 at 11:04 am
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20070309 Firefox/

Yeah, it’s okay you’re a complete and utter dumbass. I also wonder if he still “works” for Best Buy; Last time I checked he was living in Canada and working for “Best Buy.” Funny because there are no Best Buy’s in Canada (edit: Okay, so maybe there are but you know what, it’s Canada and nobody cares about Canada ;))–only Future Shops. Regardless, I think he’s worthless, but I enjoy finding out that he’s an incompetents liar and putting him on the spot. Seriously, you suck at the internet, “Meng.”


  1. Taking ideas and incorporating design elements is one thing, I do that all the time. Taking everything and still leaving the images where they are, totally different. At least I try to give credit where credit is due. Some people!

  2. Ooh what a person. To think that he’s a hosting company owner as said in his projects page, i seriously doubt anything will sell at all.

  3. I’m sorry, if you’re too lazy to write your own bio, then you don’t get a bio. Am I alone there?

    Aside from the fact that I don’t see the point in calling someone worthless, however retarded he or she may be ( I don’t consider anyone worthwhile, though, so that makes me a hypocrite ), the way this person is acting is pure jackassery. Though, I question his sanity if it’s he’s snerching from.

  4. check again. there are best buys in canada. Wow, ur just as ignorant as meng/mikey.

  5. Real idiot, that guy is. I can’t believe anyone would even want to do that. That’s unbelievable how he doesn’t even bother to cover things up. I would be just as angry if someone did the same to me.


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