The joys of being a hermit crab.

I’m sure you were thinking that this would be some fantastic entry about a pet hermit crab. Unfortunately, the hermit crab in this case is me. I’ve made the decision to spend most of my time at home then go out and deal with the world. The past month and a half haven’t been all that pleasant for me. I don’t blog too much about my personal life because I like to keep it more closed circuit so I’m finding it hard to really blog about the intricate details. I just don’t want the entire world to judge me for it. Yeah, I’m a fragile. Whatever.

Despite the fact that I do enjoy being somewhat of a social butterfly, I honestly prefer to stay home and enjoy myself here. I’ve had the chance to play too many hours of Halo 3, read up on some new Dean Koontz books, and work on three different designs for my website all of which I ended up deleting shortly after.

I suppose it’s easy for me to be such a hermit because right now my car is in the shop again ($450 worth of repairs), and well, I’ve just had a few personal issues on my end that resulted in me not talking to any friends and just wanting to “find myself.” I’m not so sure that I’ve found myself, but in the process I tried to get the courage to stop talking to Mark, planned out a move back to Louisville in late March and/or April, and became more intimate with my money habits and sent myself a decent budget.

On a more uprising note: my butt hurts.


  1. Amber, that’s quite a feat that! 😛 I know my original chair was getting to that point, but before it eventually broke apart I went ahead and replaced.

    I just need a real desk, and a nice comfy office chair…

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