The moment we’ve all been waiting for.

Virb has finally been released to the public, and now has a fantastic index set up on it. If you haven’t joined it yet, sign ups are open to the public. Profiles are now able to be seen by non-members, so let’s see how long it takes before people start flocking this way. I know one of the groups, VIRB Suggestions/General Feedback has already had one member post asking for someone to tell them how to create/add a left column. Hopefully some of those groups won’t get hit too hard with help requests.

Anyway, here’s a shot of the site:


I love this place.


  1. Haha, go figure. I finally get an invite and it goes public.

    I guess I really *should* go make my profile. I’m a slacker like that.

  2. Virb is the best thing thats happened. I seriously cannot stand myspace, xanga, friendster. Most of the users pages on there are plain downright ugly and cluttered. Virb is so clean and minimalistic and its so easy to modify and create a unique look. Sorry myspace, take your sorry ass back to hell along with all the losers on their.

  3. Gah, I didn’t know it had gone officially public! Weird that they don’t send emails to current members for that or anything. I would think the official site launch would be something big. 😛

    I’m not a big fan of the site design at the moment, at least the current design as it is…I wish they would spice it up a bit more! Maybe some more color and not just pictures and rounded buttons for graphics.

  4. So far, the one thing that stands out to me about Virb is that they know how to poorly place advertisements ;).

    Right, because that’s the one thing you should look for when viewing a website. Sorry, but the last thing I want to see there, are ads placed all over the place. The main focus isn’t for advertisers to get noticed; They’re just there to bring in some profit. Virb isn’t myspace where you should expect an ad where there normally would be whitespace.

    I think Unborn Media, the creators, know a lot more about ad placement then you do, considering they’ve also birthed Purevolume. They’ve got more then enough profit from their websites, then worrying about ad placement.

  5. Whoa, whoa. I didn’t mean to talk down your new baby, simply stating the obvious here. You make me feel like my comment was money hungry.

    From a monetization point of view and since most of my wordpress themes’ structures are meant to help bloggers easily monetize their blogs, I can’t but to notice that automatically.

    Sure, they have more experience and knowledge about ad placement, but what’s the point of a leaderboard adsense below the fold? You might as well not have it there.

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