Trying to keep busy

Well, the past couple of days have been hard to deal with. Friday I spent the better half of the day lounging around the pool with my friend Amy.

Unfortunately for me, I forgot to wear suntan lotion. The end result was me looking like a fresh and ripe tomato. Though the first night was the worst night. My legs were so burnt that when I put on my pants, you could feel the heat radiating off of them. My upper chest and shoulders were also pretty bad, but my legs have been the most sensitive. I’ve ended up with a nice tan, but next time I’ll stick to wearing some suntan lotion instead.

Saturday was probably the worst day thus far. I managed to break down over a cheeseburger, in the shower, watching My Super Ex-Girlfriend, and listening to Rise Against. All within before 7pm. I finally got an email from Mark, and I couldn’t believe how much it calmed me down and helped me. I was able to concentrate on something more than 10 minutes without worrying what was going on with my life and him.

Today has been okay so far. I really want to talk to Mark, but I’m just scared to call him. I sent him a couple of emails just randomly chattering to him, and then asking to talk to him. I hate that I keep pestering him, but I just honestly miss him. It’s been a week since I last saw him, and despite what went down the other night, I do want to see him.

To bide the time today, I started working on a redesign for Holdfire Network. It’s looking pretty good so far, and definitely a step up from the current design. I’m also adding in a few extra features to it, so hopefully that will bring in some extra clients.

Back to working… and hoping I’ll get to see him tonight.


  1. Hi Jordan. I am sorry to hear you lost your boyfriend and that you are feeling down. I wish the best for you. Take care.

  2. Ouchie! I got a sunburn like that a while back when I went to an outdoor concert. It hurt!

    I hope you get to see Mark. I wish the best for both of you. =)

  3. *big squishy hug* I recently, er, just split up with my gf, so I can kinda understand a little bit of how you’re feeling.

    Yay for redesigns though. They’re always fun!

    *squishy hug*

  4. Ugh, sunburn. You better be careful to wear sunscreen next time, I’m so terrified of skin cancer these days. Not that I’ve ever been one to really care about being tan, I don’t know. If it’s easy to avoid by golly I’ll avoid it.

    I’m sorry to hear about you and Mark 🙁 Just try to keep in mind most all things get easier with time…

  5. I had sunburn that was radiating heat before. It’s not nice… like you describe. Very uncomfortable – I found I couldn’t sleep at the time!

    Golly gosh I’ve never experienced heart break so cannot begin to fathom what it feels like to lose somebody from a relationship… but I can guess it sure ain’t dandy.

    All I can say is do what you think is best for you and Mark – whatever that might be, and whatever will benefit the most in the long run.

    (And try to turn your heart away from it’s sadness towards things that otherwise make you insanely happy – that aren’t, obviously Mark).

    Oh poofy.

  6. I hope everything goes ok with Mark. That’s too bad.

    And I know ALLLL about sunburns! My legs got burnt really bad a couple weeks ago. It was TORTURE!

  7. I only just caught your other post – sorry to hear about your break-up. Is it something you can work on together or is that definitely it?

    Keep your chin up 🙂

  8. i havent gone swimming for a looong time =/ i remembered getting sunburnt though. i hate it, it stings like shit =/

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