Trying to tap the creative juices.

The redesign is still coming along very smoothly. Though I have to be honest, TNT has been distracting me most of today as there’s been movies upon movies on tonight. I don’t work well with the tv on, and I don’t work well with the tv off.

Today I’ve watched: Trapped, Twisted, Signs, Sleepy Hollow, and that’s it so far. You figure about 2 hours a movie, so far I’ve watched six hours of movie, and gotten about 45 minutes of work done.

Mark is on his way over right now, and then we’re going to head out to go pick up some groceries for the homemade BBQ Beef pizza I’ll be making. Maybe I’ll include a recipe and some pictures of it when I’m done. Maybe even some pictures of Mark and I, since I’ve failed the last few times trying to take them. Off to get some stuff ready for the pizza.


  1. Ooh, I love this new set up 😀 I know what you mean about TNT. It’s so tempting. They always play what I want at precisely the time I need to focus on something else. Especially when they get in there little X-Files marathon moods. It’s so mean 🙁 And that pizze sounds really good. It makes me hungry and I just stuffed my face with Chinese food o.O Not good.

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