Use to promote your music.

We all know that for the past year (or more) Myspace has been the main source for bands promoting their music and obtaining fans. But personally I’ve grown weary of having to deal with Myspace for the soul fact that I detest having to deal with the ridiculous load times, poor coding (especially when the band “customizes” their profile), ridiculous spam comments, and just myspace in general.

Even though I realize that nowadays people don’t want to pay for a domain name, and hosting so their next best option is looking for someone else to provide them services for free. Musicians Wanted at – Get Discovered: offers artists to have blogs, an artist profile, band member profiles, photos, an event calendar as well a other features. I think the biggest feature they have is that you’re able to upload your music, and sell it through the site.

I haven’t looked at it in detail, but apparently you cannot listen (or stream) to the music you might find on their site. Their FAQ stats that is just a hub for searching out music information, rating it, reviewing it, and connecting with other users. They do mention that they do plan on integrating the ability to listen to your favorite music online, so if you’re looking for a means of streaming music you might want to look elsewhere.

But for a band this might be something to look into considering it can’t help to expand your listener base by joining a website geared towards providing such. Hell, you might even be able to sell some tracks and whatnot through their site. I tried to look up more information in regards to that, but I wasn’t able to find anything. Either way, I sifted through some of the pages and the site seems to be pretty nice. I can’t say I’ll refer to it in the future, but that’s because I am ridiculously picky with the music I listen to and why I only listen to bands I’ve been listening to for ages!


  1. Blah, comment got cut off! Here’s what I was going to say, hehe…

    Did you know that this duo of “hackers” are going to “attack” the site all throughout April for the “Month of Bugs”?

    I hope MySpace listens to their suggestions and fixes up their yucky code. 😛

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