Virb is taking over my life.

The other day I finally got ahold of an invite for which is run by Unborn Media, who happened to create Purevolume. I’m in love with it, and even more obsessed with it then I was when I first got on myspace. I love the sleek design, the back end, and how everything is set up. It’s still a new baby, so it’s pretty bare (considering that it’s invite based too) so it’s not crowded yet.

I love the fact that you’re able to tweak the style of your profile with the actual stylesheet; Not that cock-and-bull styling by sticking it in your “About Me.” You also have the option to create extra modules, track songs with Virbtune (think built in, but It screams Web 2.0 which I happen to be a sucker for.

Here’s what my profile looks like right now, with slight tweaking:

Also, sorry for my site being down from 3AM CST to 2AM CST. I had some Apache httpd issues that I needed to sort out and well, yeah, that’s why it was down. It sucked too, but you know what, it happens.


  1. Virb looks so awesome, lets hope that when it launches it doesn’t turn into an evil myspace counterpart, I don’t think the world can handle another myspace!

  2. @ Sarah, iit’s not at all like myspace and it won’t ever be like myspace. Their modules (where you can enter in about me, music, etc) does not accept html tags other then the simple href, and type styling (bold, italics.)

    They have a built in basic editor where you can modify the colors and placement of your modules, and then they give you the option to tweak the entire stylesheet for your profile, in it’s own little area. Unlike myspace where you see the default and then a user’s styling, you don’t see that here! =D

    Even if a lot of people port over from myspace, it will never even get like myspace. It’s way better.

  3. I never heard of it so I can’t really say if I like it or not. Your profile looks good so far, and your right the sleek desgin does kind of get to you. =)

    Hope your loving it.


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