Want to know what drives me crazy?

When one of my contacts has this perpetual blurry spot that just won’t go away no matter how many times you squinch your eyelid, yawn to create tears, or blink to move it around. Yes, that’s right–I’m far too lazy to take out the contact to wash it. Though I have a feeling that this one has a “death is imminent” label stamped on it.

You see, I have this habit of wearing my contacts 24/7. I apparently don’t believe it taking them out before bed. My main thing is due to the fact that I hate waking up blind. My eyesight is currently a -5.00 (in both eyes.) This means that I cannot see far (nearsighted.) I even might have a slight astigmatism since both of my parents have this “problem.” Trust me, poor eyesight is prominent with both family genes. Literally every family member I have either wears glasses or contacts. I have a feeling that I might even get cataracts when I’m older.

I say that because my paternal grandma is starting to develop cataracts, and my maternal grandmother has already had this, as well as her sister (my great-aunt.)

April 2nd is going to be the first Ophthalmologist visit I’ve had since probably either 2003 or 2004. I’m not counting the time last year where I had to go because of pink eye. I have my eye on some new glasses, since I broke my pair last year when I had to wear them because of pink eye (and the fact that because of pink eye, I tossed out the ONLY pair of contacts I had. I’d have bought more but because places online require a doctor to approve of it against your prescription, I was more or less screwed.)

But these glasses. They’re cute. But they make me look like even more of a nerd. Sweet.


  1. I lurrrve my glasses! I started wearing my contacts again last week and I had people telling me I looked too different, lol. XD GEEKS UNITE!

    I know what you mean about hating to wake up like that. Ditto here…but I can see fairly well, at least somewhat blurry shapes, to make my way around. Until I sit down at my computer and have to squint and go…”Oh yeah, glasses.” XD Definitely not a morning person. 😛

    Are your contacts the kind you can sleep in? Because I’ve heard of horrible things that can happen if you sleep in just the day kind…horrible nightmarish things. 🙁 Slipping behind the eye or drying out too much…aaahhhhh ok I can’t think about it anymore. XD

  2. The contacts I use are actually for bi-weekly use, but unfortunately I’ve been wearing contacts like this for years upon years; Which I know is the main reason why my eyes are very dry without contacts, and why I happen to get pink eye more then anyone should ever have to deal with.

    I tried to get a habit of taking them over before bed, but unfortunately I’m a lazy sob. :

  3. I have the same bad habit of wearing my contacts to bed, and I’ve been doing it for years, too. I’m like you in that I hate to wake up blind. Bad, bad habit.

    It also leads to my eyes being worse every time I go to the eye doc. At least -.25 worse in each eye. I’m currently -5.25 in my left and -5.00 in my right. Blah. I just need to pony up the money for Lasik.

    I have to say, though, my eyes really loved O2 Optix, and I would have them now except they were discontinued or something. They’re approved for overnight wear – for a week or so, and then you take them out and clean them, and they’re good to go for another week. I *think* Acuvue Oasys are similar.

  4. Ally, I have this odd fear about Lasik; I suppose it’s because it’s my EYES and LASERS that make me think that it isn’t something that should ever happen. But I know that even though I have this fear of the surgery, if I had the money I would definitely go for it.

    It’s been awhile since I looked at other contacts, but I’ll definitely check out the Oasys that you mentioned; I usually just buy one box at a time, since I don’t use them up that fast, and because both of my eyes are the same prescription 😛 We’ll see just how much worse they’ve gotten though, on April 2nd when I have my appointment.

    I’m also going to ask him about Lasik though, and just see if it would be worth it for me, and how much it would cost for both eyes. I would really love not having to rely on glasses or contacts!

  5. I wonder how if feels to have contacts. I have never had a problem with my sight so I wouldn’t know 😉
    But glasses are cool, I want a pair as well 😛

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