We All Know Art Is Hard

I’m starting to lose my interest in having a personal site. Who knows, maybe I just need to get new visitors (or people that comment?) or something, but for now let’s just say that I’m taking a slight break from here. It won’t last that long.

If you’re a semi/daily visitor to this site, what keeps you coming back?


  1. Post some porn or something, that’ll get you some new visitors 😉

    I keep coming back because I’m waiting for the day where you say “I’m bored with my Wii now Jem, here you go, you have it.” It’s going to be soon, right? 😀

  2. Add new different things to your site? It always help ^.^ Comment on sites, ask to be affiliates or button/link exchange. XD Does that help?

  3. I always get tired of my site. I usually get really bored with it sometimes but then I make a new layout & get refreshed again. ;0)

  4. I 2nd the porn comment!

    I read all of my friends’ blogs just cause it gives me something to and is a way for me to keep up with people. The best way to keep me coming back is to keep posting!

  5. I really enjoy reading people’s blogs because I always seem to learn something new, not to mention a better understand of how people think.

    Sometimes, even if you don’t realize it, you might be making someones day, or giving someone hope, or maybe just helping someone figure something out in life.

    Try to find something you strongly feel about and just blog the heck out of it. Don’t throw in the towel, else you’ll make me sad, and don’t make me sad! 🙂

  6. I usually feel the same way. Maybe it’s in the post-holiday air; I’m not really sure. Maybe the thought of you having loyal friends/readers/visitors might be enough for your interest to jump-start.

    Posting porn seems to be a good a good idea though. 😀

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