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Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been saving a lot of sites to and majority of them have been applications, tips and tricks, and resource websites. Since I have so many, I felt that it would be a nice side project to play with. So for the next week or two I shall be posting about one-two websites a day (or at least try to) and give a short review and examples of what they can do.

Today I’m going to just post something small and simple… I’m sure you’ve noticed around the web the infamous “silk” icons used in blogs, applications, and pretty much anything else that they can be “stuck on.” So lately I’ve been looking for a replacement to kind of get away from them and try out something new. My problem is that I don’t like creating my own icons, so I had to find them elsewhere.

Somehow I ended up coming across Sweetie – Cute and Clear Icons. The base package includes 156 transparent PNG icons. Some of the icons included are: heartlargered24-member.png24-book-red-add.png24-tag-add.png

Even though they’re a little bit more glossy than I’d like, I might try integrating into some of my other sites to see just how well they work. If you’re looking for a nice set of royalty-free stock icons, I’d highly suggest checking out My favorite set there that I plan on purchasing is the Stockholm.


  1. I’m always banging sites to my Ma.gnolia account (same as, just prettier IMHO!) and often forget what I put there! It’s a nice idea to go through ’em and explain why you rate them. 🙂

    V xx

  2. Ramsha, I didn’t forget IconBuffet; I just don’t like the icons they have there nor are they “easy” to get.

    Jenny, those aren’t the only sizes available. If you check out the link for them you’ll see that he lists the icons and their appropriate sizes; The ones I put up are the 24-bit PNG icons that are the largest in the package.

  3. I listed some nice blog icon sites on my blog a few months back, I haven’t found anything that I’m particularly fond of so I’m looking at creating some of my own “plain” icons to use (and perhaps distribute). Unfortunately my pixeling skills leave much to be desired so I doubt I’ll come up with much 😛

    Do you use StumbleUpon to find these sites? I love Stumble 🙂

  4. Lol I like that they are called “Stockholm” since it’s Sweden’s capital city 😛

    Heck I have so many resources on delicious that I don’t know where to start when looking through them. Thank goodness I tagged them with as many tags I could since it will be easier to find what you’re looking for later 😉

  5. You know, I’ve been hearing so much about that I may have to check it out.

    Those icons are adorable! I may download them if I can find some use for them…

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