What have you been listening to lately?

I’m in the mood to broaden my music horizon, so with that being said.

Recommend to me:

  • Your current favorite artist/band
  • Your Favorite Album from this band
  • Your favorite track from the album.

Feel free to even include something in general, and not just from this year. I’m looking for just about anything in regards to music (though I’m more fond of punk, hardcore, indie, hip hop) so definitely recommend that local band you’re obsessed with, or even some obscure band from another country whose lyrics you can’t decipher because you don’t know their language (eg: Sigur Ros.)



  1. Well I’ve been listening to alot of Soundgarden and Beck lately. But if youre looking for some specific songs. I suggest Girl by Beck.

  2. I can’t really think of anything to recommend, but…. The Butterfly Effect are a great metal Aussie band. I actually have one of their songs available for download on my website. 🙂

  3. Gym Class Heroes- Indie/Hip Hop band that is from where I am. They’ve actually gotten pretty big in the past year, and their new cd rules!

  4. My current favorite would have to be William Elliot Whitmore. He’s been a favorite for a while but he’s got a new album called “Song of the Blackbird”. It’s got a track on it called “Porchlight” that is amazing (and has shown up on his albums before).

    His first album was a burnt CD that he would distribute himself with a red construction paper cover on it that had a line drawing of a fox.

    See him live if you can.

  5. @ Vanessa, I’ll definitely check out that Beck song. I’ve listened to his music before, so I know I’ll enjoy it.

    @ Brandy, I’m sure that’s true, but it can’t help to recommend! Though if you were to mention JT, I’d have to tell you that I already listen to him =P

    @Kaysha, I’ll definitely check out that band, thanks.

    @Jackie, I’ve already heard stuff from GCH, but thanks for recommending to me.

    @Walker, I’ll definitely go ahead and check him out.

  6. I know this post is a bit down the page, but I’ll give this a go anyway! You have probably heard of these folks already, though:

    Cold War Kids, album “Robbers & Cowards”, songs “Hang Me Up To Dry”, “Saint John”, “Tell Me In The Morning”.

    TV on the Radio, album “Return to Cookie Mountain”, songs “Wolf Like Me”, “A Method”, “Dirtywhirl”.

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