What the hell is the internet.

I admit that I have a very stubborn personality that usually has a bit of pompous and smart ass trailing along behind it. Though there are times when I’m being honest, and genuine. Most of the times when I am nice, I’m usually mistaken for being a snotty bitch. Awhile ago I had a bit of a tiff with Jess of Lianhua.nu on a Lavish.nu thread where she was having WordPress issues on the server her account is on. I wasn’t trying to be rude or condescending but as usual when it comes to offer advice I apparently sounded so and she wasn’t pleased with it. Add in a few other replies to miscellaneous threads and I’m sure that my replies didn’t disprove that I was a bitch. Needless to say after my post, Do-It-Yourself Web Hosts: worth it?, she replied to my reply of her comment and I believe things are now cleared up. Which is nice, because contrary to popular belief, I don’t like having grudges against people, nor do I like having people dislike me for the wrong reason.

Go figure that I get things cleared up with her, other shit hits the fan. I’ve been posting a lot lately on Snark MB (Cupcakes), and recently replied to a thread “Advertising on Personal Websites” which included some mentions of Theblogworld.net and PJmommy.com. (See, I link websites because I know people are going to click them, and I know that the aforementioned people have an analytic stats program tracking their hits, so I’m not being vague or “behind their backs.”)

One of the questions that were on the little survey was “Are ads ok as long as they are *not* on the blog/main site?” My reply to that question was:”

I think ads are best when they don’t interfere with the content of the site. One site that [did] the worst job possible was pjmommy.com but it looks like she’s changed how the ads appear on her site. At one point there was an ad after every entry. I still think her site is bollocks because of the disgusting amount of PPP crap all over it. Theblogworld.net is another “perfect” example of what not to do. She has keyword ads set up on the site. Very. Very. Very. Annoying.

Eruanna.net has fallen victim as well. I never really expected her site to start in with it.

This didn’t settle well with Amanda of TBW because I soon received an e-mail where she said, “–might be nice to say I am not fond of the Kontera ads on the blogworld instead of bashing it on the net.” As well as going on to say “Please don’t bash without asking… Please be wary next time you give a review on my site make sure its accurate with information not that I have fallen victim but am testing out for readers.”

Oh, and Han (eruanna.net) has been the only person that has been rational and mature in seeing what I said, since I just read her entry, “Ads, Smudge and a fuck off huge TV!” where she asks her readers for their opinion about the ads.

So to say here too (even though I left a comment at her site) I mentioned Han’s site in the comment as more of a “I never expected her site,” and not so much related to the actual question about the ads haven’t a negative affect on the content/blog.

Normally I don’t mind it when people contact if they don’t agree with something I’ve said, but this was a bit unexpected especially considering that I did not bash her website, nor did I provide a review of it. I simply said that I found the keyword ads to be very [very, very] annoying. Nothing more, and nothing less. Which is also what I said in my reply to her. The next e-mail I got was a rather lengthy diatribe which further relishes on the fact that “[I] seem to think its okay to speak before thinking.”

Wait, what? I’m sorry but I obviously thought before I typed out my response, otherwise I wouldn’t have even thought of her website when I was answering my question. “It was rude and unnecessary, most of all hurtful since I was a fan of your site and visit it frequently.” Okay, I can understand it being a disappointment to read that someone doesn’t like keyword ads on your website, but how was my comment rude and unnecessary? Apparently it wasn’t that rude and unnecessary because you’ve removed those Kontera keyword ads from TBW. Then there’s the guilt trip. So because you’re a fan of my site and you visit it frequently means that I cannot have an opinion on your website and dislike various elements?

“I did read the entire review and I did not jump to conclusions I read your review as a whole from once sentence to another and as you wrote about pjmommy you also linked me into it.” It literally was just one sentence to another since I believe I had three sentences in regards to TBW. What kills me is that she keeps calling it a review. Since when does a review consist of only three sentences, hell, since when does an answer to a question count as an review!

“It was hurtful since I was a fan of your site that you didn’t come to me as the website owner and say this is new and I’m not liking it why is it up there and I would have been able to give full explanation as I am testing out a monetizing opportunity for business blog owners.” I can understand that I could’ve sent her an e-mail saying “I don’t like the ads on your website, take them down.” But I didn’t because I don’t own the site, and if there’s something I don’t like, I’m not going to shit a break over it and keep viewing it. I will simply just not view the website.

I haven’t received a reply from the last e-mail I sent, so I’m hoping she’ll read it and understand she’s blowing this out of proportion since this is quite possibly the pettiest thing to be bothered over. Oh, but that’s not the end. Jenny (pjmommy.com) decided to join the board and post her thoughts on my answer.

Quote from lilmissjennyPlease, tell me where I have ads after every entry. And PLEASE tell me where I have PPP posts. Because from what I can see, all I have are posts and links in them that relate to that post from other MOMMY sites. And I have ONE google ad on my site and I get no money from it. It earns me nothing. So, do a little research before you attack me and bring me down to your level.

And what I do with MY site REALLY isn’t any of YOUR concern or anyone elses. Simple thing to do. Don’t like it? LEAVE!!


Honestly, do people see their site mentioned and automatically ignore what’s written and take things out of context? Please do not jump to conclusions, because you’ll end up looking like an asshat (especially if you think it’s going to make you look better by saying “Don’t like it? LEAVE!! kthxbye.” So I get patronized from one person for not telling her my opinion and then someone else tells me that it’s not my concern to have an opinion on how her site used to look.

Jenny, if you haven’t seen my reply I asked if you had even bothered to read what I wrote. What I said was in the past tense. That means that it used to be that way, but now it’s no longer that way. I also mentioned something about growing a pair of balls and getting over what I said. It’s words to be taken with a grain of salt, and not to start catty, petty, high school drama. Oh, I also might have mentioned something about being whiny and trying to pull the “talking behind your back” bullshit, which obviously isn’t behind your back considering I linked your website in a public forum fully aware that it would show up in your referrals or come back to your from another reader.

But I am curious: If that one google ad earns you no money, what the hell is the point in keeping it up?

With that being said:



  1. I was secretly quite flattered to be mentioned lol! It snot often I get mentioned on message boards!

    “If that one google ad earns you no money, what the hell is the point in keeping it up?”
    It does earn me money 😛 Its just annoying I have to wait so long for the cheque!

  2. I have never heard the saying “shit hits the fan” before. It made me cry from mental images. Thank you a lot for saving my day 🙂

    I don’t understand Jenny’s way of dealing. It’s only a single persons opinion…

  3. When it came down to it, that was the question I asked myself on the Surnaturelle ads… I hadn’t seen a single damn penny from Google, in the two years I’d had the ad up, so… it was pretty easy to just say EFF IT.

    I’m even more in agreement on ads on personal sites. I thought about doing PPP for a little while, but a) I didn’t see any opportunities that fit in with my general content (and I didn’t want to be talking about… mortgages or something, when that’s obviously not something I have any experience with) and b) I didn’t want my blog to seem cheap or something… Some blogs can pull it off, but mine would just lose all sense of flow and purpose…
    I don’t think I’m making any sense… but oh well. Basically, I definitely agree with you on all counts on this one.

  4. So that’s what my sister was doing on my computer. Wow. I’m sorry. I would never say that shit. I could honestly care less what people say. It’s a site. Nothing to be emo over. It goes up and comes down just as easily. I’ma kick her ass now. Thanks for posting that.

  5. “It snot often” .. LOL @ Han. :3

    If you know what you’re talking about it’s often hard to not come off as arrogant or pompous because there are always people out there who know less, get defensive, and then get arsey… if people don’t like “you” (i.e. me) for knowing more than them, it’s their tough shit.

    As for titheads that cause drama over their sites being an example in a simple forum thread – if they don’t like it they should go and cry to their mummy about it or something. The Internet is not for wussies.

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