Where’s your new design, lazy ass!

So a week ago I blogged about how I was going to put up a new design. Obviously that ended up falling through. I really did intend on putting up a new design! I still have Photoshop open with a few concepts I had started up. There’s one I believe that I’m going to stick to. It’s definitely different from what I’ve done thus far, so hopefully it’ll come out nicely once I start slicing and coding it out.

I ended up getting sidetracked with a side project, MyWHMCS, which is where I’ve been working on customized templates for WHMCS. I ended up getting an order form done, and am about 75% complete with the template for the actual system itself. I think a lot of time will just be spent cleaning up things that aren’t used like icons. I’ll also have to really organize and put out a detailed README file for it, because it’s pretty intricate. I think the only thing that really needs to be combed with a fine tooth brush is the stylesheet. It’s almost 1,000+ lines right now, and I’m not even done coding. I think what I’ll end up having to do is using the same table style (yeah, it’s for data so stfu!) rather than each one having their own styles applied. It’ll definitely remove a BUNCH of coding and ease that load time.

It’s a little later than I had planned on staying up. I’m going with the guys at work to a business expo in the area, and they got seats for breakfast which is at 8am. That means I’ll have to be up around 6:30am to get ready. I am not a morning person, so I wonder if I can pull off getting up early, AND getting ready to be out of the house by 7:45am at the latest. Aruuugh.


  1. I always get sidetracked while trying to make a new layout. And i’m definitely not a morning person either, but i get up at 6:30 practically every day so i feel your pain!

  2. Ooh, interesting project you’re working on! I hope it’ll turn out well. It looks great so far. 😀 Take all the time you need putting up a new design, I hope you created one you like. Good luck coding it!

  3. Take your time, sometimes having something up dosen’t mean you have to have it up right off. I usually try to get my designs up, but sometimes even I get sidetracked. Keep doing what you do, don’t worry to much about how or when. Take care!

  4. There have been plenty of times where I meant to put up a new design or do something specific, got sidetracked, and never got around to it. 😉 You’re not alone. Although, I do like this blog’s look the way it is though. ^_^

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