Whitesoap will keep you fresh.

Earlier this week Ben had posted a thread at Mint Pages about moderating over at Whitesoap.com. Needless to say I now help moderate stories over at Whitesoap. It’s been really fun thus far because there have been so many articles I’ve come across, read, and bookmarked. Definitely an awesome way for me to pass my time too.

Today has been a long day so far. I woke up at 8:30am, cleaned up the kitchen, made myself breakfast and ate it outside while reading a book. I cleaned up my room, read some more, took a nice long shower, and got ready. FINALLY for the FIRST time in months I cleaned out my car inside and outside. I even paid $31 for a full tank of [unleaded] gas today. First time.. since, well, let’s just say it’s been awhile since I’ve had more than half a tank of gas in my car.

Ended up going up to Mount Prospect to Mark’s friend Tim’s place and then we headed downtown for a BBQ by a harbor off of Lake Shore drive. It was absolutely gorgeous outside today and although it ended up getting a bit chillier once the sun went down, it was still warm since they had some bonfires up. I definitely had some good eats there like bratwurst, cookies, shrimp+bacon, turkey.. so delicious.

I still have the world’s biggest crush on Mark, and I really love his smile. He needs to smile more often because as usual, it makes my day. In one day it’ll be four months of dating. I’m a sap for things like this. And on the topic of counting, in two weeks + 1 day it’ll be my 21st birthday. I cannot wait.

Time for sleep. Minuscule amounts alcohol in my body + outside all day + full belly + having to drive an hour and a half home = exhausted.


  1. All that food sounds yummy!

    Lol. I used to do the month counting thing. I stopped though, ’cause I thought I was jinxing myself, but I keep mental tabs in my head about it.

    But four months is still a good amount of time to be together. Crushes are always nice, no? I just wonder though when it starts to become more than a crush, but that’s a whole other topic.

    How do you plan on celebrating your 21st?

  2. Awww, that’s just too cute about you and Mark. 😛 I totally get what you mean, I really do. XD

    Sounds like you had a really good day! 😀 A satisfying one I would think…sometimes exhausting days can be just extremely awesome days too. ^_^

    I really do need to try applying for Mint Pages. I’m just a chicken. XD Bubs actually sent me an invite but I was too chicken again and waited to long and it expired, bleh. Oh well…maybe after my next design I’ll apply. ^_^

    That Whitesoap site is interesting…I’ll have to bookmark it and check it out some more!

  3. Yowza, that Whitesoap site is a bit cluttered, but I’ll dig around.

    The borders on these input fields are very, very pale on my laptop’s screen, almost to the point of being invisible. Maybe you could darken them a bit for my wee eyes? 🙂

  4. He pm’d me about the mod job, but I’ve yet to hear back from him.

    I hope he hasn’t forgotten b/c I’m really looking forward to joining the team! 🙂

  5. Maria: I’ll be going out the morning (aka midnight) of the 8th with some of my girlfriends, and then later on in the day it’ll be dinner at Rock Bottom with my family, and Mark if he wants to come with. Then later that night I’ll be going out again, not sure where though.

    Sarah, since I’ll be ditching this theme pretty soon, I’m not really going to change it; but I’ll definitely put that into consideration for the theme I’m working on!

    Bubs, why not giving him another nudge through PM or one of his site’s contact forms; I’m not sure if he’s still looking though because I know myself and AJ are now helping–though I’m not sure if AJ was helping prior to that thread or not? Can’t hurt to get ahold of him though!

  6. I thought filling your tank with $31 was an oxymoron. That is a little more than a half tank for me. Either I need to get gas where you are, or I need to reduce the size of my tank (18gls). The later of which wouldn’t help me much as I would still spend the same on gas, but it would feel better when I filled up.

  7. My tank is only 12 gallons, and the prices here aren’t as bad as they are elsewhere. It was $2.95 when I had filled it up for $31, but gas is now around $3.10’ish. If I drive about 15 miles west of me, it’s $2.81.

    I miss being able to spend $10 and get almost a full tank of gas. Shit, I remember bitching about gas when it went “up” to $1.25!

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