Why I love TNT and TBS on the weekends.

Lately TNT has been the only station I’ve been keeping on whenever the tv is on. I usually end up watching Charmed from 3-5pm, Law and Order after that, and usually Without A Trace. After that I’ll change to either Spike or A&E where I’ll watch CSI (Spike) or CSI: Miami (A&E). That’s my tv schedule right there. I hardly ever watch any new seasons of tv, unless it’s 24 which is my monday 8pm show, or Thursday when I watch ER at 9pm.

Oh, but I can’t forget on Monday, the best day of the week. I get to watch X-Files (on TNT) from 11pm to usually 4 or so am. Yeah, I know, it’s horrible, but I love that show.

The best is the weekends though. TNT and TBS usually start airing all of their movies on Friday’s starting around 5-6pm, and that’s typically where I’ll end up (in front of the tv) if I don’t go out, or do anything when I wake up on the weekends.

Oh tv how I love thee.


  1. When I’m at home I usually just have abc1 and then sqitch to hallmark for house, criminal intent and then to living for CSI 😀

    Its scary how much your life revolves around TV!

    Saturday noghts for instance – I wont ever miss casualty!!

  2. You and I watch a lot of the same shows! I love watching Law & Order reruns. CSI is another one of my favorites. I’m really into the forensic/cop shows. On Mondays I’ll be watching Heroes, though. That’s my Monday show, and my Thursday show is also ER.

    TV is always there for me when I’m home alone and bored. 😀

  3. I absolutely love the layout the creativeness of it is just amazing. I live for TNT and AE I love watching LAW & Order, CI, SVU, & CSI & CSI Miami, I also love scifi can’t get enough of them.

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