Why I still use Payperpost.

The past two days I’ve actually participated in writing up some entries for Payperpost. I know I’ve complained about it in the past, but seeing as though I have extra time I figured why not make a few posts. I’m not going to post 5 entries (after 5 non-ppp entries.) I’m going to do one post-per-day. So far I’ve made about $47, and I have another $20.50 coming in once their dates hit.

Since there’s a 30 day wait limit, I figured to see something coming in daily, why not just do one post a day, that way once I hit the thirty mark for the first entry, every day after that I should get paid, pending how quickly posts get approved. But regardless of getting paid, I think one of the biggest advantages of ppp is the blog marketing aspect of it. With the links you’re using in your entries, you’ll be able to increase your page, alexa and technorati ranking. I realize that people will disagree with using PPP for such a thing, but for someone like me, I chose to only take PPP opportunities that I can personally relate to and offer more of an honest opinion.

Don’t expect me to write about doing your taxes with some software only for the UK area, that’s for sure! But despite my many complaints about it, I’ve come to the conclusion that as long as it’s interesting, something that’s not complete and utter crap, and done in moderation than it’s okay to do.

With the money I’ll be getting in for it, I probably will end up using it to pay for various bills I have, and also for leisure spending. Since I’m no longer frugal with my money, it’ll most definitely go towards a few things on ebay I’ve had my eye on getting for awhile, and probably going to see more movies. I kind of like the idea of going to the movies every weekend, and even just one post, would cover the cost for one ticket (and possibly even 1/4 of another ticket if I’m feeling gracious enough to “donate” some to Mark!)