WordPress Plugins and Virb

For the past couple of days I’ve been going through atourworst.org cleaning up the MySQL database, trying to update some of my WordPress plugins and tidying things up. I’m not entirely done but during the process of going through plugins I realized that I have way too many, some of them I don’t even use.

But there are a decent amount of plugins that I do require and absolutely love, like:

I have a good amount of other plugins that are active and working but the ones I listed I feel are a crucial part and should be used actively on a website. Some of them definitely help out when it comes to optimizing your site for SEO purposes, as well as giving visitors a reason to visit your site and participate (eg: Top Commentators, DoFollow, Subscribe to Comments.) I’ve noticed a significant increase in loyal visitors, and I really do appreciate and look forward to comments they leave me. Especially Miss Melissa who has been my new favorite person on the internet!

But even though I have a vast amount of plugins, I feel like starting anew with some of them, so I’ve been writing up a list of the ones I plan on getting rid of, or replacing.. But sometimes I just don’t feel like looking on my own. So I ask you guys, what plugins do you currently use at your website whether it’s for SEO, content, or backend performance. Feel free to link them in comments, and link as many as you want.

Some plugins I use are outdated, and might have newer replacements so this might help to to replace some of them and even find some new ones. So, list ’em up! Your comments will be moderated if they exceed 2 links, so when I see them, I’ll approve them!

In other news, I’m currently working on Stylevirb which is a new project geared towards providing users with advanced stylesheets and html layouts to use for their Virb profiles (Virb.com/Riane–that’s an example of what’s capable to being done, and that’s just something basic I put together.) I currently have some fantastic individuals helping me out like Matt Johnson, Blake Farcannell, Bob Roman, Karl Brightman, Filthy Fragger, Brett Terpstra, Kristin Pishdadi, and Melissa (I swear I’ll get you that e-mail soon!)

However most of them will be contributing some articles (tutorials, how-to) and a few stylesheets/html layouts. But I’m still looking for more people that would be willing to donate some of their time to creating some new profile designs for public use. They don’t have to be amazing, but they should differ from the default layout. I’m looking for just about anything in regards to style, design, and concept because I would like a vast amount of choices for people to go through. If you’re interested, feel free to either leave a comment here saying so, or you can fill out my contact form and I’ll get back to you as fast as I can.


  1. Oh em gee, look at my super cool self with links and the most comments ever! ^_^ Yay! I deserve lots of cookies!

    And I am going to literally steal half those plugins! Well, because the other half I already use! XD The site map, top commentators, dofollow and the www enforce I am nabbing for sure. The old slugs one looks mighty interesting…and I think the link changed to this for the meta plugin…which I may take as well.

    Yay, thanks for that list! ^_^

    Hmm…some notable ones that I use: Articles (the “Opinions” section of my site), Custom Query String, Exec-PHP, GetAMint (Yay Mint!), Sideblog, TextControl, and I also use the Spotmilk admin theme with Drop Menus.

    Oh and guess WHAT! I got approved to make the Mint fanlisting on TFL, FINALLY! Hehe! Also, I applied for Mint Pepper but I think the app staffer got confused and thought that “Pepper” was an actual name of a specific plugin, which can’t be applied for. I wrote back explaining what it was and I’m just waiting on a reply now.

    And take your time on the Virb thing! I’m in no rush. ^_^ It sounds like its coming along great, so YAY! 😀

    Whew…well isn’t this the longest comment ever, lol. XD Hehe, have a good Saturday!

  2. Hey I was on the page to download the old slug plugin when I saw this: “This plugin’s functionality has been added to WordPress core as of version 2.1, so please deactivate the plugin if you have WordPress version 2.1 or higher!” I didn’t know it was in the WP core!

  3. Huh weird! That definitely tells me that I need to go through all of my plugins to make sure they’re up to date and all that other good stuff! I surely didn’t know that it was integrated either, that’s for sure!

    And thanks for listing some of the ones you used; I’m going to check some out of those out, because I know the article one will come in handy for Stylevirb.

  4. I was curious when virb style sites would start showing up, your profile looks good. And, I bookmarked this page for some plugins to get me started. Thanks!

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