Favorite TV Shows of 2008

Over the years I haven’t been active with TV series namely because I always forgot about them. I’d watch the first couple episodes and then I’d forget about them until years later. “Hey, I’ve never seen that episode!” Hell, even being on the internet I was lazy with downloading. But this is probably the first year that I’ve paid the most attention to new series and seasons. I think the biggest reason is namely for streaming services being so popular. Hulu, Fancast and Surfthechannel have been the primarily websites I’ve been going to, so I can stay up-to-date! Hell, I think what excited me the most was that Netflix now seems to have current episodes for shows available for streaming. Even more awesome since the new Xbox dashboard has Netflix integration. Woo!

key_art_fringe Fringe – Fox – Action / Drama / Science Fiction
Oh my if there is any show that I need to keep watching, it’s Fringe. Being a Lost fan (and inevitably a JJ Abrams fan), there was no way I would miss it. I think what keeps me enjoying it is not only just the sci-fi aspect (X-Files anyone?) but the fact that Joshua Jackson is great in this show, as is the actor who plays “Walter Bishop.” Gotta love an old guy with witty quips. Fringe definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting more.

key_art_sons_of_anarchy Sons of Anarchy – FX – Action / Drama
Oh wow, I don’t even know where to start. SoA is about an outlaw motorcycle club that seems to loosely use the theme from Shakespeare’s “The Hamlet.” It’s definitely not my usual favorite (hello crime drama and sci-fi) but this has been an intense show. It had a short season (13 episodes) and is already over, but definitely give it a try if you’re looking for something new to get into. Can’t wait for next year!

key_art_life Life – NBC – Drama / Suspense / Crime
Cop dramas really do suck me in. Life is about a framed cop trying to tie together the pieces of the crime that put him in jail for 12 years. The first season goes more into the backstory, where as season 2 starts to really get more into his role of Detective, as well as other characters in the show. I love the eclecticCharlie played by Damian Lewis (Dreamcatcher anyone?). Hopefully the completion of the backstory doesn’t take away from Life.

key_art_kitchen_nightmares Kitchen Nightmares – Fox – Food / Reality
There is honestly nothing better then getting the charm of Chef Gordon Ramsey ala Hell’s Kitchen mixed in with real people. Kitchen Nightmares brings Chef Ramsey to the heart of failing restaurant’s to show them the err of their ways, to help them from their emotional and financial struggle. It helps you to really understand the inner-workings of family-owned restaurants, and also shows you what you never see–their kitchen. You also can’t deny Ramsey’s classic catchphrases.

key_art_my_own_worst_enemy My Own Worst Enemy – NBC – Action / Drama /Suspense
Christian. Slater. That’s all I need to say. I definitely won’t deny that I watched this show based primarily on the fact I’ve harbored a crush on him since Gleaming the Cube. The show started off fantastic–father finds out that he’s a split personality created by the people he works for. It’s sort of plateaued after he’s made of aware of it, but it’s been intriguing to see him deal with “waking up” as his spy alter-ego, and vice-versa. Hopefully it gets better before the season is over.

Aside from those shows I’ve always been watching:

  • ER – With this being the last season, ever!, it was no doubt that I’d watch it. I think what really gutted me the most was the episode when Dr. Green made an appearance. Albeit for a flashback, but it was definitely a fantastic episode, and made me realize how many years I’ve been watching this show. Sad to see it go, but they’ve done a great job. Never cried so much while watching a tv show either (Life After Death).
  • CSI (Las Vegas) – I think the biggest hit I’ve yet had again has been the loss of Warrick in the first episode of the season. I read some spoilers that definitely were not right, so it was a huge shocker to me. This season has been nothing short of intriguing, so I’m hoping that with the loss of Grissom but the addition of Dr. Raymond Langston (Laurence Fishborne), will keep the intesity of the season it had with the original cast. I
  • The Office – For awhile there I felt like Pam was going to stay in New York forever and never go back to Jim. But now we’ve got her back, and hey look, Toby too! Some episodes have been lackluster while some have been hilarious. Honestly, nothing beats the continued Jim and Dwight hilarity. The entire cast keeps me coming back for more.
  • House – Knowing that each episode is going to feature an ailing patient with 25 different prognosis’ sounds like I wouldn’t watch more than one episode, but somehow the show keeps me coming back. I think with the variations on the storylines of the characters have definitely made it more impacting. I definitely can’t deny that I’m on the other side saying “What the hell is wrong with her?!!!” after the 5th [wrong] diagnosis. Damn you Dr. House, damn you.

So what shows you are currently watching, whether old or new. I’m always up for getting into a new show (except Heroes!) so I’m all eyes.


  1. I’m actually really disgustingly slow with TV shows. I never watch them when they’re actually screening, and instead just buy DVD box sets when they come out.

    Hence I’m still catching up on Alias, Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy…

  2. You know I honestly can be the same way. I love X-Files, but I finally watched season 1-9 during the summer. Granted i had seen majority of 1-4, but never managed to watch 5-9 because I forgot.

    Only seen a few episodes of Alias, but if it weren’t for Jennifer Garner I’m sure I’d have watched it before.. 😡

  3. I haven’t been watching the TV ever since I got online a few years ago. “Hey, what happened to that girl? what happened?!” then, my mom will throw me an annoyed face and say, “watch it yourself!”. ._.

    I watch horror, comedy movies but not tv dramas. I’m too lazy to catch up with them, too slow and boring. 😛

    I used to watch Alias too, I have the discs but I’m too lazy to touch the video player -.-

  4. I am such a television addict it’s ridiculous. I sometimes wonder how I managed to watch so much television, read 100 books per year, and still have a life. And a job.

    Most of these are shows I’ve been meaning to get into–thanks for reminding me! 🙂

  5. I haven’t really seen any of those new shows! I’ve been wanting to see the majority of them, I’ve been hearing such good things on them. I have been catching House here and there though. I missed most of season 4 due to work and forgetting that it moved to a different time slot. I also stopped watching Heroes because I missed way too much of it and will just catch up when the box set comes out.

    Kitchen Nightmares was on at work once, that guy makes me laugh. I love the guys that try to be all manly and stand up to him but only fail in the end and whimper.

  6. The only ones you mentioned that I watch are the last three — CSI, The Office, and House.

    I know exactly what you mean about House, though. His character is addicting 😛

    Other than that, I love Arrested Development.

  7. I know that I am going to sound like the class smart arse for this, but the name is Gordon Ramsay, not Ramsey.

    Sorry to be a nerd, just trying to help.

    Anyway, if you get the chance to watch the British versions (BBC America) of Gordon Ramsay ‘s Kitchen Nightmares – almost everyone on forums across the planet say that they are universally better. It is more about the food and the restaurant and less about the make over and the confrontation with the often contrived (and edited) happy ending!

  8. Just posted an article online saying that there will be New UK kitchen nightmares hsown this year – apparently they were filmed around the middle of last year – so lets hope the get to air quicker than some of the american ones (who were counting on the publicity – but it came too late!) Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Nightmares UK is the best show on television!

  9. Sons of Anarchy is one of my favorite shows and i can not wait for season 2. The previews so far makes it look like it will be better than season 1. I hope the show lasts at least a few more seasons. If anybody is wondering season 2 starts on September 8th.

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