I Need To Catch My Breath

I’m finally back in my own bedroom right now, but I can’t help but still wish I was out in Wichita, KS (okay, technically Andover, but pfft!) with Travis. Secretly I was ready to get back home, see my family, sleep in my own bed, and fiddle with my own stuff… But now that I’m home, I don’t even want to be here! Emotions aside, I really have a lot of catching up to do.

Unfortunately I slacked off a bit with Holdfire Network and MyWHMCS, so I tried to catch up on most of the in the past hour (which is exactly how long I’ve been home.) Oddly enough I missed a few support tickets somehow, which I don’t know how that happened since I made sure to check on them constantly.. But it happens, and thankfully I know my clients will understand as most of them are my 2+ year clients and closer clients. It still wasn’t fun having to sift through over 200+ emails just from the past few days (especially since I didn’t get online on the 19th and 20th.)

I have so much that I want to blog about but I just don’t have the energy to do so. I guess I’ll just give a brief synopsis on the past few days:

  • Went out on Friday night and saw Cloverfield.
  • Managed to find Halo: Combat Evolved at Best Buy for $10.00.
  • Also bought Prey, and Halo 2 at a trade-in store for $20 total.
  • Met all the guys I play Halo 3 with on Monday for a brunch.
  • Played way too much Halo 3/2/CE throughout the entire week; Also managed to play way too much Rock Band.
  • Fell in love with Travis’ mom, brother (Brandon), and sister (Becca.)
  • Overdosed on love and affection.
  • Made money from my work every day for almost two weeks straight.

I think it’s time to go to sleep. My head hurts. Jetlag ftl!


  1. I love and hate going on vacation. Mainly because when I get home I’m ready to go back, or be anywhere but here…

    It sounds like you had a blast. Please tell me you did take pictures of the two of you….right?

  2. Ahaha, you seemed to have a great time! How was Cloverfield, I heard it was awesome? Sorry if my site is taking a long time to get up, but I shall not dissapoint you :P. LOL I dislike it when I have something great to blog about but I don’t because I’m too tired to do so.

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