Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull

I went out last night with my friend Armando (so cute!) to see Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. Needless to say, the movie was pretty fucking awesome, excluding a few minutes here and there of ultra cheesy scenes that I could have done without.

Other than that I haven’t been up to much other than work, Halo, a cute boy, and well… Yeah, that’s pretty much it.


  1. I know what you mean about the cheesy lines and scenes. My hubby and I went to see it last night and although it was entertaining, I could do without the swinging from the branches (hahaha) and the really cheesy lines, also it was very predictable. Nonetheless, it was entertaining.

  2. While I fully realize this post isn’t by far about indy, I have to say I feel the same, though pretty much the last 30 minutes left me thinking “no f-ing way…” – I still enjoyed it very much though.

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